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♞Knight ([personal profile] wailmer) wrote2010-06-01 06:54 pm
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Friends Cut


It's quite likely I've deleted you as you know, a) I never read my f-list anyway and b) I can't remember half the people on it anyway.

THOUGH if you want to keep me comment on the Friends Only post and I'll add you back? |D I'm in a pretty bad mood so I just deleted EVERYONE I haven't spoken to in a while.

Partly because I have a feeling I'm going to go on a big bitchwhinecanIdiealready post soon.

Sorry to those that were cut and hope you're all well! ♥

EDIT: Okay guys, this wasn't supposed to be anything personal or me seeming like a bitch. I've just spent the past now 4 days crying over something and it made me realise I had far too many people added I never really made an effort to either a) keep in touch with or b) get to know. I'd like to do that, I just... couldn't with 160 people.

The part of not remembering is mainly due to bad memory on my part, and that memory is why I was diagnosed with dyslexia to begin with. I have a really rare case that is a mix of both dyslexia and despraxia and they had no idea what it was |D; So. Like I said, it's not supposed to be personal - so those who think I'm being unjust here and want to punt me/slap me for removing them and want me to add them again say so. I'm like, the most oblivious person in the world and didn't think people would actually think anything of this 8D;;

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