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Zaizen/Kenya fic: Possession

Title: Possession
Characters: Oshitari Kenya, Shiraishi Kuranosuke, Zaizen Hikaru
Prompt: 050 Affair
Summary: Shiraishi and Kenya have been dating a year when Zaizen Hikaru, the newbie, comes along to mess things up
Word Count: 3,468
Rating: NC-17

Kenya never really figured himself to be the cheating type. In fact, he’d sworn to himself that he’d never even think about it, never mind taking part in such a thing; at least until he moved into his second year at Shitenhouji and he came along.

Zaizen Hikaru was a brat, which was putting it lightly. But he was also a brat who paid attention to him, who followed him around pretty much like a puppy and teased him. Kenya couldn’t help but find it endearing.

He’d been dating Shiraishi Kuranosuke for around a year now and honestly? Things were going great there, so this new... fascination with the newbie really made no sense to him. He could feel Kura watching his every move too, watching when he laughed or blushed, when he teased or was being teased and something kind of... crawled along his spine knowing that.

Kura never said anything though, he just slowly grew a little more possessive, made Kenya remember why he was with him and not some wannabe genius tennis player who seemed to adore him more than the other regulars and lord was he fucked.

Utterly, utterly, fucked.

After finishing class and heading to the rest room before practice, Kenya tried to pull himself together for what was probably going to be another awkward afternoon. He never made it to practice though, even though he promised Shiraishi he’d only be around… five, ten minutes. No. Instead, Zaizen had to show up and ruin it all, didn’t he? Kenya looked dumbstruck for a moment when the freshman walked in, shut and locked the main door behind him – dangling the janitor’s key on his finger to show that there was probably little chance he was getting out of it.

“H-Hikaru?” he felt his voice break for a second as he backed into the wall. Trying to make a break for it wouldn’t work if Zaizen had the keys to the door, even if he was fast, the kid wasn’t stupid. “What are you…?” He swallowed, especially when Zaizen let his bag drop to the floor and started walking closer to him.

“Senpai.” It was only one word, but really with the cocky smirk on Zaizen’s face it may as well have been a thousand. Or a million, even. It made Kenya tense up, freeze in place. His muscles locked and he couldn’t even think of running now – even to just bang on the door and yell for help or something… anything. Shiraishi was going to kill him. Absolutely kill him.

A moment after Zaizen leaned up, locking Kenya against the wall, and forced their lips together. Kenya felt his knees buckle slightly, felt his hands shake and even with the repetitive ‘no’s going on in his head he didn’t… push him away: mistake number one.

Instead, he let out a muffled noise against Zaizen’s mouth and raised his hands to press against his shoulders – fully intending to stop him – but then Zaizen was pressing himself up against him and he couldn’t think anymore. All he could do was grip at the material of his school blazer and hope that this would satisfy the kid enough for him to move the hell on and leave him be: mistake number two.

Zaizen took the moan as a ‘yes’ to carry on, and without hesitation his hands pressed up under Kenya’s shirt, forced the material up with the back of his hands as his palms slid over Kenya’s stomach.

Kenya was really, really fucked.

Senpai.” Their mouths parted and Kenya was stuck breathing heavily, stomach half trembling under Zaizen’s hands and why wasn’t he stopping him already?

“H-Hikaru y-you shouldn’t-” Of course, the brat wasn’t listening to him, no, instead he was kissing and biting down on his neck, making him shudder and gasp and actually cling to his blazer instead: mistake number three.

“Shouldn’t what, senpai?” Zaizen’s hands had slipped further up under his shirt. Fingertips teased skin, then shifted to rub over his nipples, trying to make him shut up without saying anything.

“D-do…” Kenya felt his brain die. Sure, he wasn’t a virgin or anything; Shiraishi had made sure of that, but geez. How was he supposed to think when Zaizen was teasing him like he was? Plus, the cocky grin on Zaizen’s face that wasn’t leaving pretty much showed that he knew how he was getting to him.

“Senpai, shut up.” Zaizen dropped one hand, only to tangle it in Kenya’s hair and pull him into another breathtaking kiss, making Kenya’s body stumble forward until Zaizen just twisted them around and pushed the older boy to the floor. Then he really was trapped as Zaizen followed him down, straddling him and pinning him to the floor with his hands and legs. Kenya groaned in the back of his throat and he stared up at him, contemplating for a moment.

“Gonna get me killed.” He muttered out then pulled Zaizen down into another kiss, finally responding properly. He could feel Zaizen’s smug smile against his lips and bit down on the skin in retaliation. Zaizen, of course, moaned. Kinky bastard.

His own hands shifted to curl against the boy’s ears, playing with the rings of metal there. It was only slight, but he could feel the tremble running down Zaizen’s spine at that, and his own ego seemed to receive a nice boost knowing that he’d actually managed to do something to him as well.

Kenya’s hands slid down then, over Zaizen’s shoulders, thumbs digging into his collarbones, before they started to pull the buttons of his shirt undone. “S-seriously killed.” Kenya ended up stuttering in the middle though as Zaizen, ever the bold teenager he was, started rolling their hips together suggestively.

“Guess I’ll have to give you CPR then, senpai.” Kenya rolled his eyes at that, even with the cocky smile Zaizen gave him. He leaned up to wipe it off his face with a kiss, mumbling ‘brat’ against his mouth as he slowly rocked his hips up into Zaizen’s in return, increasing the pressure between them. He took immense pleasure at the slight squeak that Zaizen emitted in response to that, smirking a little to himself because of it.

“Guess you will, huh, Hikaru?” Kenya’s own hands pulled the buttons on Zaizen’s shirt loose before he nudged it off, concentrating on the t-shirt underneath so he could feel skin rather than cloth.

His hands slid up, nudging the t-shirt up, as he touched over Zaizen’s chest. All the guilt he’d felt seemed to go out the window when his fingers brushed over a nipple… only to find it pierced. Startled, he blinked up at the other rather confused for a moment, slightly in awe – especially when the teenager on top of him smirked quite widely.

“Senpai?” Zaizen’s own hands were making similar kinds of motions on Kenya’s own chest, making it a little more difficult for him to think. Kenya bit down on his lip, flushing up even more as he nudged the t-shirt higher to take a peek.

“How did you even get away with having that on the team…?”

“I didn’t tell anyone.” Zaizen just shrugged and let go of Kenya to tug his own t-shirt off. “I take it out for practice so it’s not like I’m going to get injured.”

“Mmm,” Kenya’s own eyes glazed a bit when he was met with the sight of Zaizen half naked on his lap, leering down at him. “Right.”

“Now take off your pants.” Even after getting so far already Kenya spluttered at how forward Zaizen was, especially when he felt hands tugging at his belt and waistband, attempting to get them down already.

“H-hey wait-!” Kenya’s hands tried to keep his pants up, but it didn’t really help when the second year yanked them down in one go, leaving Kenya flushed and completely naked from the knees up.

Nice.” The smirk on Zaizen’s face was exactly there to make Kenya flustered, Kenya knew that, but it still didn’t stop him from reaching up to lightly whack him around the head.

“Shut up and undress too,” Kenya sniffed, over dramatic though that kind of froze when Zaizen pushed himself up and did just that. He gave Kenya a cocky little smirk as he wiggled his own pants off, not at all embarrassed about it. Not like Kenya was faring, anyway.

“Senpai,” Zaizen slid back down along his body then, licking and kissing on the way. Kenya’s eyes fluttered and a hand reached to tangle in matted hair, especially when he felt wet and heat around his cock when Zaizen reached the area – surprising him by taking it into his mouth slowly. Wow.

“Mngh-?” Kenya couldn’t actually think for a moment, his legs twitched and he forced them to the floor, spreading them a little without even thinking about it. His back arched up, a tiny whine slipping out when Zaizen’s mouth pulled back and he was allowed to try and think again. At least until Zaizen was slipping on top of him, forcing his legs open and to the floor anyway. Kenya flushed even more, especially when those hands squeezed and rubbed over his thighs.

“Senpai, did anyone ever tell you that you have fantastic legs?” Insert another round of spluttering on Kenya’s part, especially when Zaizen purposely ground his hips into him again. “Or that you act really submissive when caught by surprise?” Of course, that made Kenya force a glare in his direction, at least until it faltered when the hands on his thighs squeezed again, making them twitch a little.

“Shut up.” Gah, did Zaizen ever stop talking? Kenya was flustered enough already, thank you. He sounded breathless enough too, more so when Zaizen’s right hand slid up Kenya’s inner thigh until he could slide a finger against his entrance. He watched in amusement when one of Kenya’s eyes squeezed shut and a shudder rippled through his body. “J-just…”

“Shut up, right senpai?” Zaizen just rubbed there for a moment while he fumbled around for his discarded pants, tugging out the tube of lube he’d nabbed from Osamu’s desk and tugged it off with his teeth. He only pulled his hand away then, licking his lips as his eyes drank in the sight before him. He’d wanted Kenya since he’d first saw him weeks ago. Wanted that warmth, friendliness, openness… And now he was getting just that. All three. He slipped liquid over his fingers, sliding the first finger inside Kenya as he pinned the older boy down.

“W-whoever said you’d-” Kenya arched though, easily taking in that first finger that Zaizen wiggled around, even if he was about to protest about their positioning. Wasn’t Zaizen sexually inexperienced??? Apparently not, Kenya realized as he stared up at his kouhai with wide eyes. That look didn’t last long though when Zaizen curled his fingers enough to press against his prostate. Kenya yelled out in surprise, gasped a moment later and tried to cover his mouth. He’d momentarily forgotten where they were, and if it wasn’t for the fact that Zaizen’s fingers were working wonders on his body he might have had another attempt to get away.

“You’re not really in the position to do anything but moan against me right now,” Zaizen actually laughed at that, sending tingles down Kenya’s spine. “Are you, Kenya-senpai?” That cocky little smirk was back, and after a moments pause, Kenya reached up to kiss him – trying to prove otherwise. He didn’t last as long as Zaizen did though, mainly because of how his stomach was trembling and it was difficult to breathe.

“M’not-aaaaah…” Zaizen’s other hand that wasn’t stretching him open wrapped around his cock, swiping over the saliva from earlier to use as lubrication to make it smoother.

“Do you like it hard and fast, senpai?” Zaizen watched him in amusement as his hand jerked Kenya quickly. He watched as Kenya’s mouth fell slack and his hands groped across the floor, trying to get some form of grounding, something to keep him on earth. It didn’t work though, as soon as it started, the stroking stopped so he wouldn’t cum too soon and he was left dazed, stuck trying to inhale air. “I’ll take that as a yes then. So predictable.” Zaizen’s hand smoothed up along Kenya’s chest as he finally pressed his third finger inside. He moved up, melting their mouths together.

Blindly, Kenya wrapped his arms around Zaizen’s shoulders and pulled him in for another kiss as soon as the last one ended; especially considering the uncomfortable feeling that started to form with three fingers inside of him. “…’karu…” Kenya swallowed and tilted his head back when Zaizen curled all three fingers and pressed them inside again. In fact, Zaizen was pretty glad he’d spent a while stroking himself before coming after his crush as he didn’t need to do that now – especially with the picture Kenya made squirming below him. He was more than ready.

He did, however, make sure to slide on the condom he’d brought with him (also swiped from Osamu’s desk) – tearing the packet open with his teeth. A tiny moan slipped out as he let his hand stroke himself just a little, hooded eyes gazing at Kenya underneath him. “Ready, senpai?” His voice was actually a little breathless now too, something that made Kenya’s lips twitch up until a smile.

“Sure.” Kenya’s own voice shuddered as he tried to remember how to breathe. This was bad, very, very bad of him but he really couldn’t stop now – he’d already given in. So instead, he slid a hand into Zaizen’s hair and pulled him closer. He shifted his legs to loosely curl them over Zaizen’s hips and kissed him. Kissed him hard and shakily and full of something that he didn’t understand. He was going to die after this anyway, might as well enjoy it while it lasted.

And then he was arching, shutting his eyes with a flutter of lashes as he was entered. It wasn’t anywhere near as uncomfortable as when Shiraishi did it, but the slight ache was there, even so. Zaizen’s eyes had squeezed shut and his tongue dipped into Kenya’s open mouth, rubbing the appendage over teeth and gums, up against the roof of Kenya’s mouth to distract him. It worked, at least, as Kenya’s hands scrambled over his back for a moment when he rocked his hips just a little, experimentally.

A small smug smile slipped over Zaizen’s lips as he pulled further out the second time, moving slow at first until he was sure Kenya was used to it. Of course, he wasn’t sure he was going to get used to the tight, almost blinding heat of being inside the other. He dropped his head to Kenya’s shoulder, moving harder and faster until Kenya’s arm had to be pressed against his mouth – Kenya having to bite down to keep quiet. Soft ‘nghs’ and broken sections of Zaizen’s name were slipping out but nothing too loud, only loud enough if someone was standing outside the door and were purposely listening in.

It grew louder though, when Zaizen slipped a hand between them and stroked him though – just like earlier… hard and fast. Kenya’s back snapped up and his head rolled back – exposing his neck. Zaizen bit down on the skin, not even caring the mark would still be there for practice as his eyes landed on the blissful look on Kenya’s face. He moaned, tongue sticking to the roof of his mouth and his hand squeezed around Kenya’s cock even harder – enough for Kenya to actually cry out and come in a matter of seconds, shaking and whimpering into his arm.

Zaizen didn’t last much longer.

The good thing about them doing in the restroom, of course, was the fact that it was easy to clean up after themselves when they came around. Kenya took longer, blinking his eyes to try and get the white spots to go away before he sat up. His lips tingled, his backside even more so. Zaizen had dumped the condom in a bin in the corner and was already fixing his hair when Kenya finally stood up and shakily tugged his clothes back on. He winced.


Zaizen rolled his eyes at him in the mirror and leaned back against the sink. “Alright there, senpai?” Kenya gave him a light scowl in response, still flushed and his lips were still swollen. Zaizen licked his lips.

“M’fine, idiot.” Kenya sniffed and glanced at his reflection. He leaned on the sink and pressed the mark Zaizen had left on his neck, giving him a glare for that. “You should head off to practice though, we’re late enough already.” His head dropped to rest on the mirror as he washed his hands and his face, as if trying to wash away …this. Whatever it was.

“Sure.” Zaizen pulled the janitor’s key out of his pants pocket and headed for the door after checking he looked okay. He picked up his bag on the way. “See you at practice then.” As soon as the door was unlocked though, a loud SMACK echoed around the room making Kenya jump.

Shiraishi was right outside.

Kenya’s face drained of blood in a second flat as he gripped the sink. Damn. Fuck. Some other swear words he couldn’t think of right then-

Zaizen though, even with a throbbing cheek and a bloody lip still gave Shiraishi that cocky smirk. “Thanks, buchou.” His eyes slid back to Kenya for a moment, sliding up and down before he shrugged and walked off, leaving Shiraishi there looking calm but really he was out of it. He was angry. Pissed. Furious.

Kenya’s eyes slipped shut for a moment, before they stared at the mirror instead. Shiraishi stepped inside and shut the door.

“Kenya.” He was gritting his teeth; Kenya knew that much but… He didn’t say anything. He could feel his back shake for a moment, the guilt washing over him in a second, making him actually gag into the sink. His hand covered his mouth, his shoulder shifted up to hide the mark on his neck – he’d already been found out though.

“I…” He couldn’t explain himself either, not with Shiraishi as angry at him as he was. Only that turned into exasperation when Kenya didn’t say anything.

Come here.” Shiraishi still sounded angry though, even when Kenya forced his body to move. Kind of like a robot.

“Kura I-” SLAP. Kenya’s hand instantly went to his cheek, wincing as it throbbed and burned from where Shiraishi’s palm had hit the skin. His eyes squeezed shut, a tear slipped out because of both the physical and emotional pain.

He hadn’t meant for this to happen.

Shiraishi probably knew that as well, as a moment after that lips pressed against the bruised skin and breath sighed out there. Arms slipped around his waist and tugged him closer. Kenya couldn’t help but bury his face into Shiraishi’s neck and cry on him – even if really he wasn’t the one with the right to do that.

I’m sorry…” Kenya felt a shudder run through him as he clutched at both his best friend and boyfriend. He could feel Shiraishi’s hand on his back, fingers curling into his shirt and gripping hard – probably hard enough that the skin had turned white. His other hand had slipped up, curled into the bleached strands of Kenya’s hair and gripped there too, making Kenya’s breath shake for a moment.

“Sssh,” Shiraishi sighed and forced Kenya’s head up; pressed their foreheads together.

“Kura I didn-” Kenya never got to finish though as Shiraishi’s lips brushed over his, pressing and sucking on the skin until it all stopped in an instant, just as quick as it started. It left Kenya dazed, especially with all the emotional turmoil.

“I guess I didn’t watch enough, did I?” Shiraishi sighed again. “I knew this would happen eventually, if I looked away for one second...” He shut his eyes and Kenya chewed on his lip, unsure and scared and what if Kura wasn’t going to talk to him ever again- “I guess I’ll have to prove how unattainable you really are, won’t I?” Kenya blinked. “I mean, if you aren’t left on your own to get trapped in a locked room...” Shiraishi trailed off, utterly aware of how dense Kenya was. It was the boy’s downfall. He sighed out again and moved his hands to cup Kenya’s cheek – being extra careful with the one he’d slapped. “I’m going to make sure you don’t have a chance to get tempted again, Oshitari Kenya.” His voice dipped and he stared at him hard.


“But this is the only second chance I’m giving you.”

Kenya swallowed hard. So that, was that...

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