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[Fic] Oshitaricest: Champagne

Title: Champagne
Characters: Oshitari Kenya, Oshitari Yuushi
Prompt: 091 - Hospital
Summary: Kenya gets slightly tipsy at a doctor's convention at the hospital, and Yuushi sneaks his dear cousin off for a quickie
Word Count: 3,885
Rating: NC-17

The main hall was decorated with lilies and hydrangeas. The ceiling covered with small lights that were dimmed to enhance the mood. A table that took up the entire wall was on the far side of the room, covered with glasses of champagne and nibbles for the guests to enjoy. Kenya, himself, had dressed up in smart dress pants (black, obviously) with a black shirt and a red tie. The shirt was fitted and un-tucked, keeping rather trendy while dressing up. It was at least something his mother had agreed on while the doctor’s conference was held at the hospital. It didn’t make it any less boring though, considering he was stuck with orange juice and only managing to get the champagne when no one was looking.
That also meant he had to down the drink in a few seconds flat. Oops.
Someone should have warned him against that. Yuushi should have warned him against that... then again, his dear cousin was off chatting up some lovely lady with long legs, or something. Which only made Kenya grouchier. Only he didn’t realise that Yuushi was doing that just to torment him either, ah well. At least he had the champagne he was sneaking along with the breadsticks he was using as drumsticks to keep him company?
Though the small children who kept running around and dancing were quite a nice distraction too, aww, they even made him smile at one point when a girl came up to him and gave a small, shy curtsey. Who needed to seduce a twenty something sex-on-legs woman when you could have adorable children being... adorable? Okay, it wasn’t what he wanted... but whatever. He was on his own, and he really should have begged his mother to let Kura come along as well. His phone wasn’t allowed in the venue, never mind at the party, which left him feeling even more bored.
It was with that, though, that Yuushi finally stopped talking to whichever woman he’d been talking to this time and came over. Kenya turned his face away (already slightly flushed from... 3 or 4 glasses of champagne by then) so he didn’t have to look at him.
“Reject you, did she?”
“On the contrary, dear cousin.” Yuushi’s voice was smooth and amused when he spoke. “Nonetheless, I came to see you.”
“Lucky me.” Kenya’s tone only seemed to amuse Yuushi even more though. Kenya was so obvious when he was sulking. His emotions stuck out like a sore thumb.
“Come, now. Auntie was looking for you.” Yuushi’s hand reached out to wrap his fingers around the wrist Kenya was holding his champagne glass with, and he leaned closer to talk into Kenya’s ear. “Better lose that glass before she catches you with it, Kenya.” He drawled out Kenya’s name and breathed on his neck. The shiver that passed through Kenya spoke volumes, really, of how his assumptions were being confirmed.
Fine.” Kenya snapped the word out and tugged his arm free, only to down that glass of champagne too. Five down, now. He blinked for a moment, feeling even more light headed than before, enough that this time when Yuushi took the glass and slipped it to the table and then took his wrist again, he didn’t complain.
“This way, Kenya.” Yuushi’s voice dipped as he tugged him along in the direction of the other wing, wanting to get a nice and quiet spot for them. He’d using Kenya’s mother as an excuse; of course, she was never looking for either of her sons on nights like these. It made Yuushi’s plan much easier though.
As soon as the doors to the next wing drowned out the patters of feet and sounds of conversations, Yuushi was on Kenya, pushing him up against the wall, hot lips pressing against softer ones as he pulled his cousin into a searing kiss. It was something he definitely shouldn’t be doing mid-party, it was something he definitely shouldn’t be doing with Kenya. That only made him want it more though. Made him want those lips to gasp against his own, made him want Kenya to arch into him, made him want his dearest cousin to whimper and whine even more. It was precisely why his hand went up into Kenya’s hair and tugged on the strands gently. It was bad of him, but he couldn’t help himself in the slightest. It had all gone downhill as soon as he’d seen his cousin all alone, in the tight shirt he was wearing, stylish in red and black and looking bored out of his mind.
He wasn’t going to be bored now, was he?
Yuushi’s lips twitched into a smirk as he trailed his mouth away from those tempting lips to kiss and nibble along Kenya’s jaw and neck. He sucked on the skin, reddening it until it bruised and let his hands wander. At first, they just trailed along Kenya’s sides, touching and teasing his ribcage through the fabric of his shirt. Then they slid down, following the slight jut of his hips to grip there and pull himself up against him, grinding into those hips for a form of friction. Kenya gasped and arched, his hands flailed for a second until they could get purchase on Yuushi’s shoulders where they dug in, leaving imprints into his skin. Even through Yuushi’s own waistcoat and shirt, even.
Actually, Yuushi let one of his hands pull away to unbutton his waistcoat, letting it fall open a little before he reached out to grab Kenya’s tie. Carefully, so he didn’t choke him, he pulled Kenya into the nearest room to continue. The hallway was a bad enough place to start, never mind carry on their business. He wanted Kenya naked and under him, and one of the doctor’s chairs was the best places for that. Actually, Kenya wouldn’t need to even be under him; just naked and begging for more.
The thought of that made Yuushi’s own lips twitch into a smirk, a very devious one, as he unfastened Kenya’s tie in a blink of an eye. It fell to the floor before he pushed his cousin onto the chair for a moment, letting his own waistcoat end up on the floor soon after.
Kenya stumbled into it, let his fingers curl around the edge of the material and held on as his feet seemed to give up on him. Apparently the champagne was a slightly bad idea as he was losing his mind quicker than normal, but Yuushi didn’t seem to mind at all. He knew Kenya, after all. He knew that even without the alcohol as a nice jumpstart that he’d want this. Want him. It gave him a slight ego boost to watch as glazed eyes stared at him and swollen lips gasped for breath. Delicious.
“I thought you said---” Kenya stopped mid sentence as Yuushi stepped closer, a mischievous gleam to his eyes, and put his glasses aside on a table. They wouldn’t get in the way anymore. He leaned over Kenya then, forcing his hands to scramble back to keep his balance. It didn’t work all that well though, as without him even having time to register it, Yuushi had clicked a button for the chair to tilt a little, forcing Kenya back anyway.
“Ah, I did.” Yuushi pressed his own hand onto the surface of the chair as the top fell down, another button being pressed, to make it into a bed. “But Auntie didn’t find you first, I did.” He licked his lips as he pushed up onto the bed himself, careful to not fall off, and lowered himself onto Kenya.
Kenya’s breath sped up instantly and his eyes fluttered, obviously enjoying the extra weight there. In fact, his arms moved to slid up to Yuushi’s shoulders, or they would have done had his cousin not pinned them down on either side of his head. Kenya blinked, nice and slowly as his face flushed up. “But what if she...” He trailed off with a soft mewl as Yuushi rocked into him for a moment, distracting him enough to pin both hands together so his free hand could trace down Kenya’s side to his thigh. Yuushi, himself, was very much a legs man, which was part of the reason why his cousin’s... charm was so appealing. What with how muscular and delicious Kenya’s were. Especially when they tensed.
His hand gripped tight enough to bruise for a moment as he pushed the limb down to the bed, spreading Kenya open a little more, as he grinded down into him again. Kenya’s breath was going erratic already, his impatience winning out as he wiggled and tried to buck for more. Yuushi would have none of that though, not when he was being so delicious, so he reached out for two zip ties to lock Kenya’s hands down in a moment, holding them in his teeth for now as he worked the buttons on Kenya’s shirt loose. The material fell apart to show lots and lots of tense skin, if only because of the way Kenya was twisting and arching. Yuushi sat back and pulled Kenya up with him. He held the ties in one hand while he pushed the material off Kenya’s shoulders and down his arms, letting it out only for a second, before he raised both of Kenya’s arms and pushed him back down onto the bed again.
Before Kenya could even work out what was happening, his wrists were being tied down with the zip ties, one on either side of the bed next to the poles holding the bed steady. He was careful enough to leave the shirt between skin and plastic though, not wanting to injure Kenya through his impatience. He pulled back enough to survey Kenya though, watching as Kenya watched him with wide eyes and tried to struggle away.
“Tell me, dear cousin,” Yuushi’s voice was like velvet as he leaned closer, hovered and slid over Kenya to talk into his ear. “Why would I want to do this to anyone but you, when you make such a sight underneath me?”
Kenya flushed instantly. He also squirmed and tried to pull his hands free. “S-shut up...” It only made Yuushi chuckle though, especially when Kenya couldn’t protest anymore as their hips grinded together again.
“I’m going to enjoy having my very wicked way with you, right here, right now...” He trailed off, voice dripping with lust as his hands slid up over the naked skin revealed on Kenya already. Hell, he dipped his mouth down too, flicking his tongue over dusty nipples that were already getting hard to tease Kenya further. The poor dear’s back arched instantly and he whined at the back of his throat. His legs twitched against Yuushi’s as he didn’t know what to do with himself. Not like he could do much but enjoy it anyway, which was exactly what Yuushi had planned.
For a moment, Yuushi pulled back and unfastened his own shirt, giving Kenya a small strip show in the meantime. Kenya’s eyes zoned in on it at least, leaving Yuushi to smirk as Kenya tried to scowl and buck him off because of it. Not like it worked at all, it just left Yuushi being prodded with something rather prominent in Kenya’s pants. He chuckled and let his hand slide there next, leaving his shirt just open for a moment as he palmed over Kenya’s crotch.
Kenya sucked air into his lungs rather harshly and arched, but he tried to not let anything else slip out. Like a moan or whimper at the feeling. It only lasted for a moment though, as Yuushi was pulling his own shirt off then and tucking it under Kenya’s head, just enough so it wouldn’t be flat back against the bed anyway.
He aimed for Kenya’s belt next, tugging the buckle undone, along with the button and zip before he slipped his hand inside the material. His fingers sought out the outline of Kenya’s cock against tight underwear, a silky purr slipping out as Kenya thrashed for a second as he finally had some form of touch. His head rolled back, his eyes soon following anyway. It was enough for Yuushi’s own cock to twitch in his own pants, begging for attention. Slowly, he wiggled back enough to drag the material down enough so he could pull Kenya free, his hand wrapping around his cock and giving it three long sure and strong strokes. It was enough to have Kenya arching and mewling, anyway, which was good enough for Yuushi right then.
Good enough, but not enough.
He tugged the material down further, dragging Kenya’s underwear with it. He didn’t bother pulling it off all the way though and instead just pushed Kenya’s legs up. Statistically, Kenya could bend further than he could anyway, so he made good use of that by pushing his knees down closer to his chest, trapping his poor cock there too. For now, Kenya could do without; he’d be getting enough stimuli in a moment anyway. Speaking of which... he reached down into his own pants pocket, chuckling under his breath as he admired the way Kenya’s thighs were stretched out and up, feet in the air as the poor dear gasped for air. Yuushi pressed his forearm against the back of Kenya’s knees as he put the lube between his teeth – if only to give Kenya’s behind a small smack for all the wiggling he was doing. He held the tube in the hand holding Kenya’s legs in place then; squirting the liquid onto his fingers before he clicked it shut and let it drop to the bed next to them.
Yuushi didn’t even bother warming it up either, just pressed a fingertip against Kenya’s revealed entrance and rubbed the ring of muscle enticingly. Sparks slid up and down Kenya’s spine as he tried to arch but was unable to. Yuushi had him perfectly pinned in place. Enough that Yuushi’s eyes were getting darker just watching Kenya try and tug his wrists free, listening to him pant and almost beg as he grit his teeth.
He pushed his finger inside then though, easing the inner walls to loosen as his finger wiggled around. His lips dipped to kiss and nibble at the back of Kenya’s thigh, tongue tracing over skin and muscle as he thrust his finger in and out. It was even better as his eyes could watch his own digit disappear into that hot, tight heat. Actually, he curled his finger up to brush Kenya’s prostate and smirked in triumph as he could see Kenya clench around him, as well as hear him cry out in bliss. Aww.
His mouth lowered to Kenya’s thigh again as he slipped another finger inside and he bit down on the skin this time. He took pleasure in the way Kenya’s thigh twitched and tensed under his lips and teeth, as well as the choked sob of frustration that fell out soon after. “Yuushi-” Ah, especially how raw that sounded.
Black eyes blinked down at Kenya then, as he leaned up to hover over him, to press a little of his weight into Kenya’s thighs so he’d be even more squashed into himself. Kenya choked again and tugged at his wrists again, tears welling up in the corners of his eyes as Yuushi curled his fingers again before he scissored the digits inside of him. “I rather like you when you’ve been drinking, Kenya.” Yuushi laughed under his breath. “You’re so much needier.”
It probably didn’t help that he was slamming his fingers in and out of him now either.
Kenya’s toes curled inside his shoes and he mewled for more and at the same time less. He was already dangerously stepping closer to the edge. Three fingers pressed inside him then and Kenya’s eyes rolled to the back of his head. The alcohol was getting rid of any discomfort so all that was left was sheer bliss. It was no wonder he was rather ready already.
Yuushi reached for the lube again, letting Kenya’s legs go for only a moment – though Kenya didn’t actually let them drop either, just stretched them enough so they wouldn’t cramp – to unfasten his own pants and push them down. He didn’t bother to take them off, just opened the lube up and spread it over his own cock, groaning softly at how that felt. Kenya was driving him made with lust already; it was no wonder it only took a few moments of stroking himself to be ready.
He dropped the lube to the floor this time and pushed Kenya’s legs back into position again. His hands gripped Kenya’s hips and lifted them so Kenya’s backside was on his lap, then he leaned forward, using his hand to guide himself, and slowly pushed inside.
His clean hand reached out to press into the bed next to Kenya’s head, while the other smoothed over one of Kenya’s thighs to keep himself sane. The tightness was almost unbearable for a moment as he forced himself to finally stop. His heartbeat was thudding in his ears, especially as he stared down at Kenya. Kenya’s eyes were squeezed shut and he was already rocking his hips down as much as he could.
Yuushi allowed a small moan to ripple in the back of his throat as he shifted his hips just a little. The friction made it all easier to deal with, but the clamp around his cock was still a lot to deal with. Then again, it was every time.
When Kenya made another little needy noise though, Yuushi rocked his hips again, further and harder this time to make his dear cousin cry out. He leaned forward further, collar bone digging into the material of Kenya’s pants as he pushed his legs further back, spread him wider for himself as he rocked more and more. Kenya didn’t even have room to thrash anymore; all he could feel were the thrusts in and out of his body, occasionally hitting his prostate as he tried to remember how to breathe.
Yuushi let his fingers dig into the bed as sweat formed on his forehead. The bed creaked beneath then as he pushed harder, groaning softly as he pressed his other hand down against Kenya’s thigh so tightly the skin was bound to bruise, it worked just about though, as Kenya gasped when his legs pushed down against his cock. A shudder rippled through him every time Yuushi slammed into him, making his hips push up more and back arch. He yelled out, at least until Yuushi leaned over enough so he could claim those delicious soft lips with his own to suck, nipple and bite on them.
It was with that, though, that Kenya came hard. Hard enough that a scream could even be heard when Yuushi swallowed down most of the cry of his own name. He kept it going too, making Kenya last it out as he followed him with his own orgasm.
He slumped against Kenya when he finished and tried to get his own breath back. They were probably going to have to sneak out after this, what with how sweaty and gross they were both going to be. That didn’t stop the smile from forming on Yuushi’s lips though. Kenya’s eyes were still shut and he was practically glowing – though Yuushi was pretty sure the alcohol had something to do with that. Ah, well.
He pulled out slowly and let Kenya’s legs flop back to rest on either side of him. Then, to save some of the cleaning up he did lean forward to slowly lick at the mess Kenya had made on himself. Nice and slowly so it was more like a cat lapping up the cream it had scored for itself, and not for a turn on. Kenya blushed and shuddered beneath him at the feeling, and slowly cracked an eye open to look at him.
“Yuu-chan, what’re you...?” He trailed off softly though when Yuushi actually sucked at a patch of skin before he slid off the bed to reach for the tissues on the side. He cleaned himself up first and tugged his underwear and pants back into place, fastening them up. He grabbed a pair of scissors then, to untie Kenya’s poor wrists. Only when that was done he leaned to give him a kiss, tongue sliding past swollen lips to lap at the inside of Kenya’s mouth. A soft ‘mmm’ slipped out on Kenya’s side as his eyes fluttered sleepily and he rubbed his wrists a little. He tugged his shirt back on properly too, taking a few tissues from Yuushi to clean himself up once the kiss finished.
He pulled a face at the mess they’d made though. “If either of our parents asks, this was entirely your fault.”
Yuushi only chuckled softly at that and reached out to ruffle Kenya’s hair. “Say that when you’re decent, Kenya.” Yuushi tugged his own shirt on then and discarded of the zip ties in the bin in the corner. He did the same with their used tissues then, and set the bed back into place. It was with a content smile that he washed his hands and cleared up the area properly though. Kenya was a little too drunk and dizzy to be able to do that, which was made even more obvious as he stumbled his way to the doctor’s chair. Aww. Bless him.
Besides, it was only when he was sat down over there that he had his underwear and pants up properly and fastened, and he started to work on his shirt. Yuushi finished up first, much better co-ordinated, and slipped the lube back into his pocket before he forgot. They didn’t need to get caught for indecent activity, the zip ties were already decent enough evidence against them. As soon as he was done and Kenya had buttoned up though, he squatted down in front of him to sort out his tie for him.
He chuckled under his breath at the dazed look Kenya gave him though, and couldn’t help but pinch the poor dear’s face for it. “You’re going to have to wake up a little Kenya if you want to get out of here.” His voice was a little rougher though as well, so Yuushi swallowed to try and get rid of that. “Your mother will get suspicious otherwise.”
At least that was enough to wake Kenya up; he swatted at the hand on his face and pouted. “Then maybe you should keep your hands to yourself next time.”
“Ah, but you like it when I touch you.” There Yuushi’s voice went, back to its usual drawl as he pulled Kenya to stand. “Besides, at least this way you can pretend to be ill and I can do the honours of taking you home...” he trailed off for a moment, “maybe even for round two.”
Kenya spluttered and reached to smack Yuushi again. “No.”
“Such a shame.” Yuushi pulled him out of the room then, after double checking it was all clear.
Now they just had to hope they were sneaky enough to not be caught...