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[Fic] Zaizen/Kenya: Fire

Title: Fire
Characters: Oshitari Kenya, Zaizen Hikaru + Shitenhouji characters, Osamu and Sakaki
Prompt: 074 - Fire
Summary: X-men setting. Zaizen is a pyromaniac, Kenya can run faster than the speed of sound, Shiraishi manipulates force fields, Chitose is a telepath, Kin-chan manipulates the weather, Koharu is a genius (okay I was lazy with him) and Yuuji obviously can mimic. They have a mission, Kenya has to run in and steal something while the others attack and gets back to the rest of them... only for things to get out of hand with Zaizen.
Word Count: 5,370
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Contains heat and wax play. / Also my font is a little messed up. Oh, well.

The squeak of leather and the smell of fire was all Kenya could hear for a moment as his senses were rattled. Explosions were still going off in the distance as he ran through the city. He had amazing speed, yes, but the rate that the gunshots and the blazes of fire were coming through into ‘no man’s land’ made his heart race. He had been given the task to sneak into the enemy’s layer to steal the power source, which was now secure in a pouch around his hip, and only he was stuck in this layer of bombs and mines and bullets.

His breath dragged against his lungs as he ran around a corner in record speed, sweat dripped from his face down into the collar of leather around his neck. That was one thing he hated about these suits, they might be durable, but they were so hot it was almost unbearable. Especially when Hikaru had obviously been let loose, wrecking the area with fire bombs that made him wheeze for fresh air thanks to the smoke.
He knew Kenya was still stuck in enemy territory too.
It was with a nice lengthy run up that Kenya jumped up, over the fence and gripped both hands on the metal pole and flipped over. The world span for a moment, before he landed on both feet, knees bent just so before he rolled to keep running. As soon as he hit the final brick wall though, he collapsed on his hands and knees, gasping for air.
In a second, his captain was by him, holding out a flask of water for him. Shiraishi had the barrier still kept up though; eyes firmly locked to the surrounding area so no enemies made it through. “Did you get it?”
“Ah...” Kenya coughed into his hand and took a nice swig of water, before he reached into his pouch to hold out the power source. It was exactly what they’d come for. “Here.” He didn’t exactly pass it on though, as they’d had strict orders to get it back to base as soon as possible. Besides, Kin-chan was probably out creating some kind of crazy storm and needed to be dragged back. Hikaru was already making the entire enemy territory into a huge fire pit and ...the others... well. They were at least somewhat behaving, or so Kenya hoped. If they got back to the aircraft and Koharu and Yuuji were getting it on again...
He didn’t want to sit in that thing if that was the case.
“Let’s go then, Kenya.” Shiraishi turned to look at him, a smile on his face as he reached out to move Kenya’s hand back to the pouch. “Well done.” Kenya flushed just slightly, as Chitose’s voice echoed through all their minds to say it was safe to go. That was the good thing about having a telepath in the group but the bad thing was that it always made Kenya’s skin crawl every time his mind was invaded. Kin-chan, like the wild animal he was, came sprinting through a moment after, looking far too pleased with himself.
“I got them! I got them!” Shiraishi pressed his hand to his face with a sigh then stood up. The barrier was still going strong, mind you. He just wasn’t paying such close attention to it now. He did raise his hand higher after a moment though, wiggling his fingers at Kin-chan to make him come to a halt with a quiet shriek.
“Into the plane, Kin-chan.” Shiraishi’s lips twitched a little when Kin-chan did actually shuffle to the side worriedly and ran into the plane without stopping. The poor kid. “Go get Hikaru, Kenya, and meet us up there.” Shiraishi patted Kenya on the shoulder and winced as he knew how difficult it was going to be to pull Hikaru away from his... fun.
“Sure, Kura.” Kenya shrugged and rolled his arm a little, wincing as the leather scorched slightly from all the heat in the air. Chitose strolled past him then, his own lips in a lazy smile as he slung his arm over Shiraishi’s shoulder and pulled him in the direction of the aircraft.
That just left him and Hikaru then...
Kenya swallowed as he let his feet pick up again, only taking split seconds to finally reach where Hikaru had positioned himself. Hikaru’s fingers snapped and in a second a bolt of fire was crashing into the territory before, like a moth to a flame Kenya stepped closer too. The heat of the leather suit they were forced to wear only got worse though the closer Kenya got to him, enough that Kenya had to raise an arm to shield his face from all the fire. “You almost got me before, y’know?”
Hikaru smirked, and then clicked his fingers again. A rush of smoke and fire engulfed the edge of the fence and rose up, making Kenya cough into his arm as he tried to breathe. “I know.”
Idiot.” Kenya stepped closer, grabbing Hikaru’s wrist when he went to make another flame. “Didn’t you hear what Chitose said?”
“What do you think, senpai?” Hikaru tilted his head a little to look at him, and created another flame even if Kenya was still holding onto his wrist. It made Kenya flinch his hand back, even if he hadn’t been burned, and wince a little.
“C’mon, stop playing around. We have to get back.” Kenya swallowed again when Hikaru paused to look back at him, that dangerous glint to his eyes that always told Kenya that he was playing with fire. “T-the plane’s going to leave shortly. So...”
“It’ll leave without us, come on already.” Kenya reached out again and gripped harder this time. He forced his own eyes to narrow, a faint pout forming on his lips. “I’m the one with the stolen item, after all.”
Hikaru’s eyes dipped to the pouch on his hip then, then back to Kenya’s face. “I know that, senpai.” His voice dripped with cockiness though as he nudged Kenya back from the flames and into a wall opposite the fire. It was precisely where everyone had been hiding before, along the different tall points along the wall. Kenya’s back hit it with a soft thud and he flushed at the heat in Hikaru’s eyes for a moment.
“W-what’re you...?” Kenya squirmed and tried to push the other off him, only to find his hands nicely pinned on either side of his head.
“When we get back...” Hikaru’s voice lowered as he leaned up, pressing himself tight against Kenya as he talked right into his ear. “I want...” Kenya’s eyes squeezed shut and his ear tingled where Hikaru’s breath lingered, “to take you in every single way I can think of.” Ah... w-well. Kenya hadn’t imagined this happening again, really; even though it was starting to be a regular occurrence. His breath shook even more and he made a small noise in the back of his throat. Then he really wasn’t thinking all that clearly thanks to the smoke surrounding them and the way Hikaru’s lips were on his own. Taking, claiming and possessing in a way that made Kenya’s lungs burn even more and made his legs weak. “As a...” Hikaru smirked as he pulled back and took in the flushed and shaky state Kenya was in, “taster.”
“B-brat.” Kenya licked his lower lip and stared right back at him, then started when a loud crash echoed around the area. “C’mon-” He yanked Hikaru’s arms up to tug him onto his back, forcing the smaller teen to hold on, before he was racing back towards where the plane was parked. More crashes followed behind them, and even if Kenya’s skin tingled from where Hikaru laughed against his neck, he forced himself to run faster. Dust even picked up behind him as he pushed his body further and faster than he had before, especially with the extra weight on his back. Hikaru was making it even more difficult though, by looking behind them and making a nice mess behind them with his ability. At least if they were being followed then it’d stop them... at least briefly.
Kenya gasped as soon as he was up the steps and they were closing behind them. Yuuji started up the engine and told them to sit down at the back, mocking Shiraishi’s voice with a perfect mimic. The stairs were up in the plane now; at least, so no one would be able to follow them up, it didn’t mean Kenya didn’t stop sending worried glances towards the trap door though.
The plane was levitating up, flying higher through jet power and probably burning whatever was underneath. It would make Hikaru happy to see that, at least, but Kenya was pretty sure the younger teen was thinking of... ah other things right then. Especially when he glanced over at him to find eyes on him, sliding up and down along his body making him squirm.
Why, oh why did their uniform have to be leather? He knew that was part of the problem right then, especially as his thighs tensed as if he wanted to run away but couldn’t, and Hikaru’s eyes zoned in on that spot. Kenya squirmed in his seat and squeezed his eyes shut. Hopefully the journey back wouldn’t be too long. He could report in with Kura and Chitose and get that over with and then... go hide in his room. Or someone else’s room that wasn’t Hikaru’s.
As soon as the plane parked up back at the base, Kenya’s nerves went haywire. He laughed nervously when Kura reached for his wrist to pull him towards Sakaki and Osamu’s joint office and waved behind him. Chitose was following up the rear, but he actually looked amused which made him wonder if the idiot had looked into his mind w-while he and Hikaru had still been outside... He really hoped not.
That kind of went out the window though. “Ne... Shiraishi, maybe we should report to the boss on our own?” Kenya fidgeted when both their eyes turned to him and he chewed on his lip.
“I-it’s fine... really!” Kenya shifted his hold to grip Shiraishi’s hand instead and sent a sharp glare over his shoulder at Chitose... who only laughed under his breath.
Skdjngskn He totally did know, didn’t he? Kenya’s head ducked as he flushed, already storming up to the door to knock on it loudly, three times. Shiraishi blinked in confusion and looked over his shoulder to Chitose. He was met with an amused smile, and one word that Chitose mouthed to him, ‘Hikaru’. Really, Shiraishi wasn’t aware of half the things that went on between the two, but now he was curious, especially as Kenya let go of him and practically sprinted into the office as soon as the ‘C’mon in’ came through the wood.
“Uh...” Kenya paused now he was face to face with their boss/headmaster though and quickly glanced back at the two behind him to do the talking.
“Everything went according to plan,” Shiraishi smiled and held his palm out to Kenya, glancing at his best friend as he fumbled with the pouch at his hip and pulled the power source out. He put it on Shiraishi’s palm, taking a deep breath when his mission really was complete then.
“Yeah, everything went as expected...” Kenya trailed off when Chitose coughed back a laugh behind him, only to flop onto one of the spare chairs rather lazily. No wonder he was a telepath, all he had to do was sit there and listen, it made Kenya bristle.
“Is tha’ all?” Osamu leaned back on his own chair, only to pout faintly as Sakaki came into the room and whacked him over the head with a folder.
“Well done on getting back safe.” Sakaki held his hand out then, taking the item from Shiraishi with a nod. “I expect the report to be on my desk by next week, Shiraishi-kun, Chitose-kun....” He trailed off, eyes going to Kenya with a tiny smile. “Well done on retrieving the item safely, Oshitari-kun.”
Kenya blinked, not getting it, but then another laugh from Chitose had his ears prickling pink. They were totally talking to each other mentally, weren’t they?
“I’m sure your cousin will be... most pleased to know about your... achievements,” Sakaki continued. Kenya bristled even more this time and puffed his cheeks out. “You may leave now.”
Kenya did instantly, of course, after sending them all a scowl. None of them seemed to understand that while Hikaru was pretty darn attractive and the danger was... also kind of attractive, it didn’t mean that he wanted to be molested until he couldn’t think anymore. It was kind of... awkward.
Though that’s when he was yanked by his arm as soon as he left the room, Hikaru’s hand hot around his wrist. He tripped up at first, eyes going wide as he was pulled towards the dormitory.
“Hikaru---!” He snapped the word out, Sakaki’s voice still in his head in that annoying mocking tone that he always took with him. He knew that he preferred Yuushi, hell, Yuushi was in his division but that didn’t mean he had to be an ass and mmmgh-!
Kenya flailed for a moment as he was pushed into Hikaru’s room and the door was locked behind them. His eyes went wide as he took a step back, tripping over a step in the middle of the room. He swallowed and laughed under his breath, nice and nervously.
“Senpai.” Hikaru snapped his fingerless gloves off and dropped them to the floor. He tilted his head and slowly advanced on the other. Kenya’s throat bobbed as he swallowed harder this time, nervously stepping back even more until he ended up against the wall. Oops. At least it wasn’t the be—
That thought didn’t last long though, as Hikaru reached out for his arm and pulled him towards his bed anyway. Kenya tripped up onto it, heart thudding as Hikaru was on him and pinning him down soon after. Thumbs brushed over Kenya’s pressure points, dipping over veins and between bones as Hikaru just stared down at him for a moment. One of his hands let go then though, fingers sliding up over a leather clad arm to Kenya’s neck... then up over his jaw to cup his cheek. “Senpai.” He repeated the word with a tiny smile, a smile that made Kenya remember why he let this happen every time he did. He was faster than the speed of sound. Of course he could run for it if he wanted to, but instead he just arched when Hikaru rocked their hips together and had Kenya gritting his teeth.
The hand on his face slid down then, fingertips delicately rubbing over the metal clasp at his collar, flicking that undone before he reached for the zip, dragging it down to open up the top half of the suit. He licked his lips as hot, sweaty skin was revealed to him, eyes darkening as Kenya’s chest heaved and he tried to not squirm. Kenya made quite a sight when he’d been working. Hikaru let his palm flatten there, dragging up over skin to graze his nails down. Kenya’s stomach muscles tensed as he laughed under his breath, and Hikaru couldn’t help but smile back at how adorable that little giggle had been. Aww.
He leaned back and slid his other hand under Kenya’s neck, pulling him to sit up as his lips claimed the others, sucking on his lower lip before his tongue slipped inside the hot, wet cavern to play a little. At the same time, his hands smoothed over Kenya’s shoulders, nudging leather off to glide his fingertips over hot skin instead. His mouth pulled away after a quick, passionate kiss to drag his mouth over Kenya’s cheek and down his neck, finally ending up at his collarbone where he bit down. Kenya’s breath hitched, making Hikaru lift his eyes up to catch the look on his face. His lips were slightly parted, skin flushed and Hikaru was pretty sure he’d never wanted to play with someone so much before in his life.
He reached out to yank Kenya’s sleeves over his wrists and tugged the material off. He pushed him back again then, mouth dragging down to tongue over skin. He licked patches of sweat up and dragged his teeth over Kenya’s nipples, making him arch and gasp. It was while he had him distracted though (not like it was difficult) that Hikaru smirked against his skin. He glanced to the table beside his bed, eyeing a candle that was just sat there, before he clicked his fingers, setting the wick alight. He grinded down again at the same time though, so he really would have no idea what was going on.
Hikaru reached for the metal clasp on his own collar then, unfastening it only to drag the zip down on his own suit. Seeing Kenya like this was making him hotter than he’d want to deal with, so right then... he figured getting rid of the stupid uniform would be a good start. When the sleeves were pulled off and it fell back around his hips, he reached for Kenya’s again. He pulled the material out from under his back, watching as he had to literally peel it down over his hips and thighs. In fact, a soft groan sounded in the back of his throat as they tensed and shuddered as cool air hit the skin there.
“Kenya.” He called him by name this time, lowly, as the material was yanked down further until he reached the other teen’s boots. They were tugged off without him even thinking about the laces, where he just dumped them on the floor. The uniform landed there next, making a loud rustle and a thud as it joined Kenya’s boots there. And it just left Kenya in those amazing tight, designer boxer shorts he always wore. Yum.
Hikaru smirked as he slid his own uniform off, watching Kenya’s face as the older teen watched him in return. It was especially amazing as he noticed those hazel eyes of his, usually full of light and sunshine, darken and haze with lust. It was beyond sexy. Hikaru’s own teal eyes were turning darker as well, bluer as he kicked his own boots off and then the uniform. While Kenya did wear underwear underneath though, Hikaru never bothered so he was left quite naked as he hovered over Kenya.
“I’m going to turn up the heat a little, hope you don’t mind.” He licked his lips as he straddled Kenya again, palms and fingers sprawling across his chest as he took him in. One hand reached up to his lips then though, where he wetted his fingertips, only to reach to the candle from earlier, putting out the flame. “Don’t scream too much.” He grabbed the hot wax with his hand then, not affected in the slightest, but Kenya would be when he tipped hot wax onto his chest. Even after the warning though Kenya still screamed and arched, eyes rolling into the back of his head.
He thrashed a little too, making Hikaru press his hips down harder to keep him steady. His eyes went wider; breath sped up as he watched Kenya. He still hadn’t told him to stop though, so he set the candle alight again, not even bothering to put the flame out this time as he tipped a little more hot wax onto Kenya’s taut skin. Kenya’s arm covered his face as he panted, skin flushed and sweatier than even before as he tried to not move too much. It kind of failed though when Hikaru let one finger set on fire and he dragged it close to Kenya’s skin. Kenya sucked his stomach in and shuddered, his toes curled when the wax re-melted against him and he whined in the back of his throat at the mix of pain and pleasure. Hikaru chuckled darkly, enjoying the sight.
“And you wonder why I always come to you, Kenya-senpai.” Kenya’s eyes peeked open, not even brown anymore as his pupils expanded and he shuddered beneath Hikaru. It didn’t help that Hikaru was rolling his hips in little circles either, making Kenya strain against his underwear that was still in place. “Roll over.” Hikaru’s voice lowered and grew a little huskier. “I want to get your back too.” He reached back with his free hand and squeezed one of Kenya’s thighs. “These too.”
Kenya took a shaky breath and pushed his hips up, indicating for Hikaru to lift himself up; when he did he flipped over onto his front. Hikaru’s hand slid up over his back before hot wax splashed over the skin there, making Kenya shudder and arch. Kenya’s hands clawed at the sheets as his poor erection was even more crushed under him now and the hot wax on his back scorched his skin. He tried to lift his hips up a little, but Hikaru pushed his hips down to keep him trapped there. Kenya whimpered and squirmed, unsure of himself as more wax was poured and his eyes only saw white for a second. Or at least white lights, amongst the darkness as his eyes squeezed shut tightly.
Hikaru slid back then though, licking his lips as he pressed one hand against the base of Kenya’s back, he straddled Kenya’s calves, keeping him down and steady as he dribbled the hot wax over his thigh. He groaned under his breath as the muscles spasmed and twitched and Kenya buried his face into the pillow, whimpering even more.
“Hikaru—” the groan was almost lost when a shuddering breath escaped Kenya’s lips. His other thigh being scorched by the wax now... and Hikaru wasn’t letting up either. He set three of his fingers alight this time, pressing them dangerously close to Kenya’s skin. The wax melted into him even more, dripping to the sheets and along Kenya’s inner thigh slowly. He clenched his legs together and let out more pathetic noises, squirming helplessly.
“Guess I should stop playing now, then?” Hikaru put the candle out again, raising the stick up along Kenya’s neck. With his free hand he brushed Kenya’s hair away from the back of his neck, before he stamped him one last time there. Kenya did actually cry out again this time and reached to press his hand against the burnt skin. Hikaru only smirked against him though and pushed the candle onto the side table again. He pressed his chest up against Kenya’s back and rubbed up against him. “Senpai, tell me, what do you want?” Lips caressed over the burnt skin at the back of Kenya’s neck. He licked over the wax, over the edges and dipped his tongue into the creases as Kenya arched up into him.
“I –ah– thought you already knew what you...” Kenya trailed off uncertainly before he groaned as Hikaru’s hips rocked into him again. Fingertips slipped under the waistband of his boxers, just enough to tease, before Hikaru pulled Kenya up enough to slide his hand under the material properly. His hand wrapped around him and pulled him free, fingertips teasing over the head of Kenya’s erection, spreading the pre-cum there all over his cock.
“You know, I could set you on fire... any time I like, right?” Hikaru murmured it right into his ear before he licked over the shell of it. Kenya shuddered and laughed under his breath, groaning softly as Hikaru’s hands squeezed there.
“A-ah---!” Kenya cried out and tipped his head back when Hikaru stroked him once, nice and fast before he let him go. His hands moved to Kenya’s hips where he pulled him up, pushing his ass into the air to admire for a moment. His palms even slid over the fabric of his underwear there, fingers grazing underneath the legs of the material as he tried to drive him crazy. It worked, though, as Kenya bucked his hips and made a small frustrated noise. Hikaru only smirked evilly though, and let his head dip to trace his tongue where his fingers had been moments before. Kenya arched like a cat and shivered instantly, his head dropped as his elbows twisted on the bed, trying to keep himself steady.
Hikaru did actually drag the material down then though and just let it pool at Kenya’s knees for a moment. “Flip back over.” Hikaru’s voice was rough as he let his eyes trail over Kenya being utterly revealed to him. It made him swallow and flush a little, even more when he considered the fact that he’d be inside that soon enough. Mmm.
Kenya’s arm gave out on him as he let his body roll with it, tumbling back onto his back. Hikaru dragged him closer by his legs and yanked him closer, letting each of Kenya’s legs rest on either side of his hips. Very much, yum, that sight. Hikaru’s eyes darkened even more as he watched Kenya sprawled out for him. It made him lean forward, purposely rubbing himself against Kenya’s ass as he leaned to give him a hot and heady kiss for being so delicious. Kenya purred into his mouth and reached to hold onto his shoulders, keeping him there for a moment.
A trail of saliva connected them for a moment as Hikaru pulled his mouth back to just stare for a moment. He blinked slowly, took in the way Kenya was wiggling and practically begging for more.
He pulled back more and reached for the table again, going for the drawer this time to grab the lube he had in there. He opened the cap and spread some of the liquid onto his fingers, he didn’t set his fingers on fire this time, but he did make them heat up a little as he smirked down at Kenya. Time for the ride of his life. He dropped the tube onto the bed beside them then slid his fingers between Kenya’s legs, pressing a warmed up digit against the other’s entrance, only to rub there for a second and then slipped it inside. Kenya flushed instantly and arched as heat spread everywhere. Ohgod---
Hikaru even groaned under his breath as Kenya clamped around him at first, the tightness going straight to his own groin. He hadn’t even been touched yet but he was pretty much ready to ram himself inside Kenya’s heat.
He didn’t wait much either though, soon enough he was sliding an extra digit inside Kenya, scissoring and spreading him open at mixed speeds. Kenya’s hands slid up to his hair, gripping at the strands as he tried to stay sane. It didn’t work all that well though, he was still left thrashing around as Hikaru thrust his fingers in and out fast and hard. He curled his fingers up, and actually stroked the inside of Kenya, right along his inner walls, leaving the poor dear a mess as he cried out in bliss.
A third finger joined the first two then, and while Hikaru normally did have patience, it was running a little low then. Kenya’s impatience was starting to spread, especially when he slammed all three fingers in at once, making Kenya wail beneath him. He chuckled and licked his lips, watching muscles tense, watching skin sweat as Kenya tossed his head from side to side as sensations overwhelmed him.
Counting him as ready, Hikaru reached out for the lube again. This time when he spread the liquid over his hand, though, he rubbed it all over himself, stroking himself until his own eyes threatened to roll up into the inside of his head. Not the best idea, when he had Kenya begging for more right there in front of him.
He leaned over him, pressed close to Kenya and nuzzled at his poor abused, waxed up skin, and positioned himself. “Senpai-” It came out jagged though, considering he thrust forward in one swift movement then, taking him in one go. Hikaru’s shoulders twitched as he leaned closer. His eyes dipped as he shifted his position, aiming for that hot spot in Kenya’s body from the get go. His hands slid over his thighs on either side of his own body and he gripped them hard. He breathed out slowly and waited until Kenya gave him a nice and shaky nod before he pulled out only to push in again. He hooked his arms under Kenya’s thighs then and rose up to his knees, pulling Kenya up with him so his back would be curved and slammed home again. Hikaru’s eyes shut and his head tipped back a little as he let his hips shift back slowly, then slam back in hard and fast. It had Kenya’s toes curling, had Kenya’s voice going raw from screaming as he tried to twist for grounding.
With a small growl, Hikaru moved to fulfil his promise from earlier too. He pulled out and let one leg drop, pulling Kenya onto his side with one leg split up over his shoulder. Kenya gasped and shuddered and clawed at the sheets as he was entered again like that. All he could feel was heat everywhere, especially as Hikaru’s mouth pressed against his thigh and sucked on the skin there. His leg twitched as Hikaru pulled it higher, forcing his legs further apart as he fucked him sideways. Nails dragged over the skin then, and Hikaru couldn’t help the pleased smirk from forming on his lips at how helpless Kenya seemed like that. Unable to do anything but claw at sheets and make noises that made him want to fuck him over and over.
Unfortunately, he wasn’t gifted with unlimited stamina though, that was more Kin-chan than himself. So that left him with trying to get more positions in this one time he had. He licked his lips then pulled Kenya up, letting his leg drop from his shoulder, only to pull him onto his own lap to force Kenya to ride him. Kenya’s hands scrambled to Hikaru’s shoulders instantly, and he let his forehead drop to press against Hikaru’s as their hips snapped together over and over.
“Hi...k...aru I-I can’t...” Kenya babbled the fragments out as he could feel himself already coming closer to his peak. He didn’t get his wish though; as Hikaru reached down to squeeze the base of his cock.
“Not... yet.” Hikaru had to grit his own teeth though as he pulled out again, only to roll Kenya over and slam into him from behind. Kenya’s arms flailed and gave out on him in seconds as he mewled and his face fell right into the pillow. Hikaru kept his hold on him too though, refusing Kenya his orgasm just yet as he slammed into him over and over. He let go after a moment though to slide Kenya’s legs further apart so he could slide his own legs between them... then with one swift motion he tugged Kenya back onto his lap, but from behind this time. Kenya screamed out and arched, his arm slid back into Hikaru’s hair to cling onto something, having nothing else as grounding.
Hikaru’s eyes shut, and finding himself unable to hold on anymore, he finally reached down to grab Kenya’s cock and give him a few harsh strokes, sending him over the edge with a high pitched scream.
It made Hikaru come undone instantly.
He groaned into Kenya’s shoulder blade as he bucked up, hand moving to hold onto Kenya’s hip as the other kept stroking him, milking him of his orgasm.
That had... quite possibly been the hottest they’d ever gotten. Obviously the needed more missions together, Hikaru decided, so he could talk Kenya into this again. Then again, the poor dear slumped forward and had actually passed out from too much pleasure at once.
He laughed under his breath and reached out to brush Kenya’s bangs from his face, before he reached for the tissue box. They could always shower when they woke up, anyway.