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Fic: Oshitaricest

Title: Possessed
Characters: Oshitari Kenya, Oshitari Yuushi + other characters make a cameo
Prompt: 038 - Touch
Summary: X-men setting. Yuushi has the ability to possess others and after Kenya's run in with Hikaru decides to make sure he realises he shouldn't be wondering too far. There's also a meeting for their next mission where poor Kenya is slightly ridiculed again >>;
Word Count: 4,754
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Contains cousin incest, if you're not cool with that, don't read XD

Italics stand for Yuushi for the first part and bold italics for Kenya. Mental conversations are kind of confusing otherwise >>; After that you'll need to put it into contact as Chitose does it too...


The curtains were open, the windows pushed slightly ajar to let in a breeze. Kenya was half asleep on his bed, naked save for the sheets that were covering his hips. When the light came through though, Kenya’s eyes fluttered opened to glare at it, before he tugged his pillow over his head. It didn’t work though, and only succeeded in making him sulk a little as light seeped through. It wouldn’t be so bad, of course, had he still not ached a little from Hikaru’s nice playtime the other day. Some areas of skin were still burned from the wax, or hell, even the fire itself. He winced as he pushed himself up, wishing he had telekinesis so he could just shut the curtains, and headed to shut the stupid things.


If he hadn’t been so tired the day before, this wouldn’t be a problem.


Actually, when he grabbed his phone off the side, he realised just how long he had slept. He’d missed a day of classes as well, and Chitose and Kura were both going to realise why and---- It made him flush instantly. After everything Hikaru had done to him that time… h-he didn’t want Chitose snooping around in his head!


It wasn’t as though he could avoid him either.


A pathetic whimper slipped out for a moment as Kenya started to realise how doomed he was. Last time all this had happened, all the school had pretty much found out and Hikaru had been smug for the entire week. Not to mention----


A little birdy told me you had a little too much fun the other night, Ken-chan.


Kenya’s breath stopped for a moment as he was forced to freeze in place. In fact, his eyes instantly flicked down as he could feel his cousin take over his body for a moment, making him bite his lip because he was naked. Very, very naked. Something Kenya was very aware of when Yuushi moved his hands to push the sheet aside. His skin flushed up in embarrassment as he tried to move himself to tug the sheet back in to place. Not like it worked, though. Yuushi’s ability was more than a little annoying when he used it, especially when Kenya was conscious of his cousin taking over his body.


Without me, no less.


Kenya tried to squeeze his eyes shut when Yuushi forced his hands to slide over his thighs and push them apart. Even though Yuushi couldn’t control his respiratory system, it went shaky anyway when fingertips rubbed over the skin of his inner thighs, tracing over where wax had dripped days before.


He’s a little rough with you, isn’t he? Even here…?


Kenya yelped inwardly when Yuushi forced his hand lower, dipping between his legs to press a single digit against his opening.


Ah, guess so then.


Kenya had to blink, even if he really couldn’t, at the jealous tone to Yuushi’s voice at that moment. Kenya always presumed his cousin was just playing (yes, even the times when he was really being molested by his cousin) all the time, so that tone startled him a little. Saying that, it was all in private, Kenya figured even the telepaths just didn’t go there because it was too weird or something. Not like it mattered when Yuushi was being a pain though, making him rub his finger there over that spot just because it was starting to make him shiver.


It’s unfortunate… Kenya was forced to lay back on the bed, spine laying flat against his sheets and mattress while Yuushi forced his hands everywhere. That one was still putting pressure on his entrance, fingertip teasing gently, while the other slid over his thigh, gripping at muscle and scratching nails over the skin. That I can’t easily get to your wing, otherwise I’d have you begging for me already.


Kenya’s eyes went wide, Yuushi actually letting him do that much this time as both hands moved then, pulling his legs open and pushing them closer to the bed before fingertips trailed over Kenya’s cock. W-What are you---??


A chuckle was heard in Kenya’s head for a moment before one of his hands was forced to grip himself, making him cry out. Yuushi relaxed his control a little so Kenya could talk and shut his eyes now, but he was still making his hands move, still controlling his actions mostly. “Yuushi you ass, stop that-!”


Or what, Ken-chan?


Kenya’s other hand was forced up, palm pressing down against his hip then up over his chest until he could reach a nipple, forcing Kenya to touch himself there as well. Kenya’s eyes went to the door worriedly, even if Yuushi was being insatiable and at the same time utterly arousing, it wouldn’t stop someone from walking in on… t-this. Yuushi could get away with just slipping out and no one knowing he’d been inside Kenya’s body, making him be filthy, but… everyone would know what Kenya had been up to. They’d think he was doing this to himself! Well… he was but – it wasn’t the same!


A small whimper slipped out as Yuushi tried to turn his attention away, talking in his head as his grip on his cock grew firmer and twisted a little to create more friction. His hips fought to push up off the bed, but Yuushi kept him firmly planted, even if he could feel the effects too. Double edged sword, that. Then again, he was off in his own room jerking off to this anyway, taking in every touch and moan he was forcing from his dear cousin.


Will you punish me? There was a chuckle in Kenya’s head at that, making him growl slightly as he tried to force his hands away… not like it worked. At the moment they weren’t only his hands. Not with the way Yuushi moved them over his body as if he owned him as well. His fingers of his fre e hand that wasn’t stroking him until he wanted to shift his hips and fuck his hand relentlessly moved up to his mouth. Yuushi forced three fingers inside, making Kenya’s tongue curl over the digits as he took back more control again, taking away even more of Kenya’s ability to do anything for himself. Kenya could at least whimper though, it only reached the back of his throat, but it was enough for Yuushi to know that he wasn’t in this alone anymore. No, then?


No… J-just…


Kenya’s mouth stayed parted when Yuushi pulled his hand back, letting it move to press between Kenya’s legs and tease him again.


Do this, right?


T-that’s not-!!


Yuushi couldn’t help but chuckle again though when Kenya managed to force Yuushi out enough so he could squeeze his eyes shut, especially when the first digit was slipped inside himself. His other hand was still working on his cock as well, twisting his wrist to create more friction before his thumb rubbed and dragged over the head. It made his toes want to curl into the bed, made his hips want to snap up repeatedly.


It also made his body want to be fucked until he couldn’t think. Damn Yuushi.


You shouldn’t be so tempting, you know, Ken-chan. It makes me want to eat you all up. Kenya’s breath grew ragged at that, already imagining Yuushi mouth around his cock, taking place of his own hand. Yuushi could see it, of course, he wasn’t a telepath, but he was possessing Kenya enough to know what he was thinking. Which was precisely why they needn’t speak right then.


“Bastard.” Kenya hissed it out as he tried to twist onto his side, wanting to shut up when a second finger was added to the first and he had both thrusting in and out of his body.


But yet, you want me here, don’t you? To accentuate his point, he thrust the two fingers in harder, making Kenya yell out for a second as he was absolutely helpless to it. Well, mostly anyway.


“That’s not the point, Yuushi…” Kenya whispered back, even if he didn’t need to, it was just easier to hear his own voice so he didn’t think he was going crazy.


Mm, I guess it isn’t. Nonetheless, I’m going to come see you soon and make sure you don’t forget that. There was that jealous twinge again though, making Kenya’s stomach knot as another thrust had his back arching off the bed. It was only then that he realised he had control over everything… but his hands. He rolled onto his side and twisted until he could bite the pillow. One leg was stretched out across the bed, the other bent at the knee and propped up so his other hand still could reach down to his entrance. His fingers were scissoring himself open still too, twisting and pressing against his inner walls as he was forced to keep stroking himself. It was getting faster and faster too, making him gasp for air as he moaned into the bed.


“Yuushi-” He moaned his cousin’s name out, eyes squeezing shut as he could feel the presence of his cousin diminish a little more, could hear the groans of the other in his head to know that with whatever consciousness he still had… he was totally jerking off to this. It made him flush even more, to press his legs together as his finger was forced to curl to rub up over his prostate repeatedly. It made his body jerk, made his eyes water with frustration and made him arch and curl in on himself, unsure of where to turn.


On top of that, he couldn’t stop mouthing Yuushi’s name. That way, only they would know about it if it wasn’t too loud, or so Kenya thought, so it wasn’t anything too bad to do… right? M-Maybe…


Though he wasn’t really thinking about it as Yuushi was forcing him to grip harder, to stroke faster until he was actually saying his name over and over in a desperate plea for release, it was finally when his fingers were finally pulled out then thrust in, right against his prostate that he finally came, yelling out into his sheets as he tried to keep quiet. Then Yuushi cut off from him completely, leaving him a shaky mess with his hand still around his cock and his other hand still between his legs. Slowly, he let both flop to the bed as he tried to breathe for a moment, trying to catch up with what had happened.


All he could tell for sure though, was that Yuushi was most definitely jealous of him sleeping with Hikaru.





After showering and getting dressed, Kenya finally left his room. His sheets needed a good wash now too, thanks to Yuushi. Though as he finally left his room he froze as he found a rather amused Chitose sat outside on the floor, legs crossed as he just lounged in the middle of the corridor. His face flushed up instantly. “Uh… Chitose?”


An eye opened lazily as Chitose peeked up at Kenya before he pushed himself up to stand. He yawned into his hand and shrugged slightly, watching as Kenya’s face grew redder. “Was told to come get ya, didn’t plan on havin’ a morning visitor though, huh?”


Kenya bristled instantly. “Y-you were listening---?!”


Chitose only chuckled for a moment though, before his hand ruffled Kenya’s hair up, messing the wet strands. He winked before nodding his head in the direction of the main office. “Got a meeting, Kenya~” His mouth twitched as if he wanted to smile wider though. “With both sections.”


Kenya froze instantly at that and had to rush to keep up with Chitose for a moment as he took a few long steps towards the main office. Really, Kenya’s heart was racing a little too much considering apparently he had to deal with both Hikaru and Yuushi in the same room… Well, more for what Yuushi would do to his kouhai than anything. He wasn’t sure if Hikaru had any idea of what Yuushi did to him sometimes…


“Y-you’re kidding right?” Kenya almost tripped up as they turned the corner, the main office now in sight.


Since when did I joke about that, na?


The blood in Kenya’s face disappeared instantly when the door opened and Chitose stepped into the office and he was met with everyone staring at him. Right. Everyone… probably knew about Hikaru. Fuck.


He ducked into the corner of the room and side stepped Kin-chan and Koharu to stand near Shiraishi. Best bet, that, only where there was Shiraishi… there was always Chitose. Kenya fidgeted right from the moment when he sat down and refused to look anyone in the eye, even when Hikaru actually sent him a rather smug look. It was exactly like last time… only this time Yuushi had gotten a little possessive in the morning. Actually, he glanced in his cousin’s direction to find him not actually looking at him. That, at least, made him give a small breath of relief. Until Yuushi’s eyes turned to look at him anyway, dark and furious and Kenya held his breath and flinched back slightly. What the hell?! It was even more confusing considering the smirk on his face that just didn’t match either.


“Hey, Kenya?” Shiraishi leaned to talk into his ear, his own eyes sliding to look between Hikaru’s and Yuushi’s. “There something you need to tell me?” Chitose laughed to his right and Kenya shook his head, refusing to look at him as his ears prickled red.


He could leave the room before anyone could blink and realise he’d gone… yet there he was, stuck to his seat staring at the floor because he’d feel bad if he skipped his duties. That, and if he left now, he’d just have to deal with it later anyway.


Finally Sakaki and Osamu made it into the office though, the former looking a little ruffled for once actually. And Osamu looked far too smug. Kenya straightened up at that, eyes going to Chitose’s immediately who cringed and pulled a face, shaking his head. He and Sakaki were the only ones in the room with telepathy, after all, no wonder he got what had happened. It kind of looked like they wouldn’t want to anyway.


Sakaki cleared his throat then moved to lean against his desk. Osamu went straight for the chair and leaned back on it, putting his feet up on the table. “Everyone,” Sakaki’s hands crossed over his chest, “we have two new missions that will be joint between both divisions.” Sakaki cleared his throat again as Osamu shifted behind him, obviously… looking through his clothing. Chitose cringed again, making it rather obvious what was going on there. After a second though, a block of ice shot up from the table, just missing Osamu’s foot and making him almost fall back off the chair. Sakaki’s lips twitched in amusement, before he pushed it aside.


“Atobe.” His eyes slid to the teen, watching bright blue eyes for a moment. “Thank you, though that is unnecessary.” Osamu sent a glare to both of them before he stood up as well, leaning his hands onto the table this time, though it wasn’t without a slight wince.


“S’righ’, though I expect an apology.” Osamu continued to talk for Sakaki though, even if it didn’t last long before he was cut off. “One’s a recovery mission, so Kenya…” he paused to let out a tiny chuckle, “better behave for a few days so y’can actually run.” Kenya spluttered and actually reached out to grab a book to throw at him, only to be pulled back into his seat by Shiraishi.


Sakaki held his hand out then, as if to tell Osamu to stop so he could continue. “Yuushi, you’ll be there in case he gets knocked out to take over.” Kenya bristled again at that, though luckily only Chitose got why that time - which was precisely why Shiraishi glanced at him in confusion. Kenya bit his lip, looking guilty at his friend before he glanced away again. “Jirou,” Sakaki sighed and reached out to nudge the teen awake with his foot. “Jirou, listen to the mission Yuushi gives you later.” It was the easiest way to do it, even if Yuushi looked rather unimpressed by having to give him the briefing for it. “Taki, you’ll be dealing with the electrical equipment too and you’ll have Hiyoshi, Erina and Miyuki as back up. Chitose, stay with Yuushi in the back until he’s needed and provide messages for everyone.”


Osamu walked around the table then. “The other mission is for a week from now. Atobe, Hikaru you’ll be headlining that. We need to break into a safe which we think holds details about ev’ryone at the school. Obviously, this is illegal as well as wrong, so migh’ as well take care of it ourselves.” He scratched his jaw for a second. “I’ll be with ya both for that to check the safe first, but also… Yuuji, Kin-chan, Shishido and uh…”


“Mukahi.” Sakaki nodded.


Osamu carried on. “We’ll head off at 2.AM. The first mission is tomorrow at 10.AM. Meet in the lobby, you’ll be going by car, s’not that far from here.”


Kenya took a shaky breath for a moment as at least that meant he was safe for a little while, right? Neither Yuushi nor Hikaru could take advantage of him when he had a mission and needed to be in top form—


Better dream on, Kenya.


Kenya’s eyes snapped to the right when he heard Chitose in his head, they were a little wide as he tried to not splutter at that. He looked confused, at least until Chitose nodded his head in the direction of Yuushi.


No’ he mouthed at his cousin, trying to be stern (which only made Chitose laugh, damn him, now Shiraishi was being nosey again--) though it failed as Yuushi actually smiled back at him then made a motion with one of his hands, signalling two fingers sliding up. Kenya’s face flushed all over again and he had to cover it with his hand for a moment, feeling the memory from only what… an hour ago? ‘Bastard’.


Unfortunately, this wasn’t missed by Hikaru either, whose smug look vanished and became suspicious. Kenya sighed under his breath and decided he was going to spend all day in bed. With his door locked.


“So tomorrow at ten, then?” He jumped up then, skipped over a few people in a rush to get to the door and out of there. Only to end up frozen in place with his door on the handle.


“Tomorrow at ten, yes, Kenya.” Sakaki smiled at him, though there was some slight… spite in it, considering the information Chitose had just slipped him behind his back. But he still couldn’t move, and he was only actually aware of why when he tried to think about it – he’d completely blanked out for a moment as Yuushi had completely taken over him, slumping against the table himself. “Though it would seem that you’re, ah, wanted.” He pointed to the door then, making that (or at least in most of the teen’s opinions) ridiculous motion with his hand. “Itte yosh.” Sakaki paused to reach out and grab Osamu by the collar. “Watanabe, we’ll come back in a short while.” Sakaki’s lips twitched. “We’ll let the cousins have a catch up, shall we?”


“Eh?” Osamu was yanked forward before he could process it though, following all the teenagers out the room as Kenya was forced to stay standing by the door, breath going ragged as Yuushi only had the mind to half possess him. To keep him in place but… let him talk and otherwise think for himself.


“Kenya…” Shiraishi cast a nervous glance in Yuushi’s direction when he made it to his best friend. “Do you want us to stay, I mean…?”


“He doesn’t need that, Shiraishi,” Chitose couldn’t stop the tiny chuckle from slipping out as his hand drifted to press against the base of Shiraishi’s back, fingertips teasing there for a second. “He’ll be fine on his own.”


“How do you--- You know something I don’t, don’t you?” Shiraishi gave his best friend a pout for that. “After your mission you best come see me, alright?” He ruffled Kenya’s hair then, touch lingering enough to make both Chitose and Yuushi tense before he started for the door. “Don’t you dare hurt him, Yuushi.”


“Of course not.” The words didn’t come from Yuushi’s mouth though; they came from Kenya’s as he took over him completely for a moment. It made Shiraishi frown and glare back at him, but Chitose cut him off, giving Yuushi the get go to let his poor cousin go. At least somewhat anyway as it was just the two of them in the room now. “What do you think you’re doing?!” This time Kenya’s words were his own as he started towards Yuushi, more than a little irritated. He’d spent his morning being forced to touch himself by the person in front of him, after all. He was allowed to be cranky.


“Lock the door.” Yuushi told him to, even if he made Kenya do it anyway. As soon as the click sounded Yuushi moved away from the desk – where he’d slumped earlier – to move closer to Kenya. He took his glasses off on the way, leaving them on the book case on the side as his other hand reached out to slide the back of his hand against Kenya’s cheek. He wasn’t possessing him whatsoever then though, and Kenya hadn’t ran off.


For a few moments they paused like that, looking straight at each other as Yuushi’s hand moved to cup Kenya’s cheek instead, holding him there. “Yuushi…?”


“Do you like it?”


“E-eh?” Kenya blinked at him, looking pretty gormless for a moment.


“Do you like it, Kenya? When he touches you?” That furious gaze was back on him, making Kenya stumble back slightly until he was twisted and slammed into the book case, soft lips crushing against his own. His hands flailed for a moment until they curled up over broad shoulders to keep his cousin close. Even after the kiss ended.


“Is that it…? Are you jealous?” Kenya wasn’t laughing, at least, he was too confused at the moment. He was too busy trying to work out what was going on in Yuushi’s head. “Yuushi?”


Lips moved from his mouth to kiss over his cheek, jaw and neck, teeth digging in possessively before Yuushi mouthed at the skin, marking it red and bruising it purple. Kenya whimpered against his ear and tilted his head back, but didn’t repeat the question just yet. For the moment he just shut his eyes and enjoyed the feeling.


“Kenya.” Yuushi pulled his mouth back then to stare him in the eyes, each of his hands were on Kenya’s hips, thumbs sliding over the material of his jeans there before they slid up under his t-shirt. Not to be sexual or anything, just to touch and hold. They slid out after a moment though, so he could pull Kenya into his arms, pulling him close and tight and possessive as he tried to calm down the anger and jealousy over someone else touching what he always thought of as his.


That was definitely a yes, then.


Kenya melted right into him too and nuzzled him a little, not even thinking about it. “C’mon, Yuu… it’s not like I love him.” Was it? Kenya actually didn’t know why he let Hikaru touch him the way he did; especially with the wax and fire and… well. Hikaru was a little rough with him, dominating, but Kenya seemed to really… like that.


Kenya.” Yuushi’s voice dipped then, going slightly dangerous as he held him tighter, making Kenya cough slightly.


“S-sorry…” Kenya chewed on his lip, unsure of what to say. It wasn’t as though he could say anything for definite – he didn’t know the proper answer.


“After the mission,” Yuushi started before he lifted his lips, drawling the words right into Kenya’s ear, “I’m going to remind you why you shouldn’t stray too far, alright?” Kenya shivered against him, especially as Yuushi let his leg slip between Kenya’s to pin him up against the book case properly. “For now…” Yuushi pulled back with a smirk and let his hands shift to unfasten Kenya’s jeans, tugging those and his boxers down even as Kenya tried to stop him by flailing his hands and trying to pull them back up. “Relax, Ken-chan~” Yuushi purred. “I’m just going to give you a little memory for now.”


Yuushi’s lips caressed over Kenya’s hip for a moment after he dropped to his knees. His tongue dragged over the skin as his hand wrapped around Kenya, his other hand slid to rub up and down over the blonds thigh, feeling the muscles clench and unclench. Delicious. He stroked him slowly, eyes trailing up to watch as Kenya gasped and moaned for him, obviously trying to keep it down. Kenya’s eyes were still open a slither though, watching as Yuushi turned his stomach and legs in knots.


It was particularly difficult when Yuushi’s mouth blew hot air over his cock too, teasing for a moment before his cousin was busy pushing his fingers into his own mouth, sucking and licking them until they were nice and wet. His mouth moved to take the head of Kenya’s erection into his mouth then though, one hand still firm around the base of his cock while the other slid between his legs to rub at his opening again, only this time with his own hand. He groaned in the back of his throat as he teased the ring of muscle and slipped a finger inside, just to touch the inside of him for a moment as he sucked on Kenya’s cock. Kenya had to push his hand up against his mouth as he couldn’t shut up, moaning almost constantly as the sensations made him want to crawl up and along the book case.


T-that felt really good.


“Yuushi…” He trailed off breathlessly and wiggled a little, leading Yuushi to chuckle around him, sending vibrations against his cock as Yuushi’s finger curved and rubbed over his prostate. It made him shake and twist his other hand, actually having to grip one of the shelves to stay upright. “Ngh, Yuushi-”


“Mmm?” Yuushi hummed around him and moved his mouth a little, taking him deeper before pulling back in a pattern that made Kenya’s eyes roll back into his head. He arched and scrambled to hold onto the book case for grounding as he almost tried to just fuck Yuushi’s mouth senseless. Actually, he would have done had Yuushi not pinned him in place with his other hand. Kenya’s knees buckled when Yuushi curled his finger over his prostate again though, just as his tongue flicked over the head of his cock.


He hadn’t even lasted all that long when he was yelling out in warning, releasing into Yuushi’s mouth right after. As soon as Yuushi pulled back and up, Kenya slumped into him. In fact, he was tired enough that Yuushi had to sort his clothing back out for him. Only when he was good to go did he pull back just enough to cup his face with both hands and kiss Kenya nice and slowly. It was actually rather romantic and made Kenya melt a little on the inside as Yuushi lapped at the inside of his mouth. It was actually kind of… loving, with how gentle he was being. It made Kenya smile softly when Yuushi finally pulled away, his thumb grazing over Kenya’s lip for a moment.


“Remember that.” Yuushi’s voice was husky when he spoke, but there was a faint smile on his own face when he let Kenya go to reach for his glasses, slipping them on. “And I’ll see you tomorrow.” He licked his lips. “Share a car with me?”


“S-sure…” Kenya wiggled faintly and tugged at his clothing, making sure they were in place. “To…Tomorrow then, Yuu.”


“Tomorrow.” The back of Yuushi’s hand grazed Kenya’s cheek for a moment before he headed for the door, unlocking it and stepping outside. He held it open for Kenya, chuckling as the poor dear stumbled on his way to the door and then out. “Take care, Ken-chan.”