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Title: Tears
Characters: Oshitari Kenya, Oshitari Yuushi + lots of others XD
Prompt: 065 - Scream
Summary: X-men setting. A mission goes wrong leaving Kenya injured. Most people are worried about it, only Hikaru's a bit of a prick.
Word Count: 4,180
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Contains torture - only it's not that explicit. Also Oshitaricest if you don't like that, with a little Yuushi vs Hikaru rivalry-ness if you squint.

Leather clung to skin, tight and taut as Kenya bent over to tie up his boots. Everything else was in place, his supplies were already strapped to him in various pouches and now he just had to go down to the lobby. Patting the pouch at his hip he checked it was empty for whatever he had to retrieve this time and finally headed down to the meeting place. The door clicked shut behind him, locking automatically, as his footsteps echoed along the floor. No one else was there yet so Kenya took his time to grab the supplies that had been left out for them by Sakaki. First he hooked a strap around his calf and ankle, strapping a dagger there. Of course, that’s when Yuushi arrived and took the opportunity to give Kenya’s behind a nice smack as he came up behind him.
“And you wonder why you end up in so many… awkward positions, Kenya.” His hands slid to Kenya’s hips, as the poor blond shot up instantly, flushing at the implications.
“I was just-!”
“Ah, ah,” Yuushi teased lightly. He pulled Kenya up against himself and leaned to nuzzle his neck. “No need for excuses.” There was even a teasing smile on his face as his hands slid up over leather to glide his palms up over Kenya’s chest, pulling him tighter to himself. “Did you sleep well?”
“E-eh?” Well, who could blame Kenya for being a little slow processing everything, when Yuushi’s hand slid up enough to curve against Kenya’s jaw, holding it in place as he slid his finger against Kenya’s mouth and then inside. Kenya wiggled a little for a moment, making Yuushi let out a soft sigh against his ear, then stilled instantly as he realised what that probably looked like. “Yu- ugh – uushi-” It was all horribly muffled though, considering he’d bite down on his cousin’s finger by accident if he tried talking properly.
“Well, we need you in top… form don’t we, Kenya?” Yuushi’s finger pressed down on Kenya’s tongue as his own mouth moved to kiss over Kenya’s ear, dragging his tongue there next. “No tiredness or soreness to get in the way of the mission.” Yuushi’s lips twitched in amusement, even Kenya’s ear felt hot and was rather red from embarrassment. Really, it was no wonder everyone teased him when he had such beautiful reactions. He chuckled softly and let the thumb on his hand still pressed against Kenya’s chest curl a little, digging it in as he dragged it down over where Kenya’s nipple would be – right under the thick material.
Kenya’s body jerked and he tried to pull his mouth back and away, but that just left him stuck with his head tipped back onto Yuushi’s shoulder, mouth still kind of gagged and his back arching into that touch. He was supposed to be in top form as well, stupid Yuushi and his stupid teasing.
You might want to stop that before the others arrive.
Yuushi blinked at the voice in his head, as Chitose was nowhere near in sight, but as soon as he let Kenya go to stumble away from him the others came from around the corner. Kenya was still bright red though, so it was rather obvious Yuushi had done something.
Erina stopped as she reached out for a dagger of her own, looking between both her brother and her cousin in turn. “What did you do to him this time?” She frowned slightly and strapped her dagger around her hip, tugging the belt in place. She tugged on a harness next and grabbed a gun to slide into the pocket, as well as a few coins to put into a pouch. They were useless to everyone else, but considering her power… they magnified the electricity to make a beam of power for her. Perfect, really.
“I didn’t do a thing; I don’t know what you’re implying.” Yuushi’s lips twitched, but his face stayed flat in his ‘poker face’ as he replied. Kenya scoffed softly to himself at the lie and turned around to carry on getting ready. Miyuki clicked her tongue and put her hands on her hips, not even needing to move as her supplies clicked into place. Apparently laziness ran in the family as all the other members turned up before Chitose did – even then he only strolled down the stairs into the lobby. Saying that, Chitose was dragging Jirou with him who looked half asleep and still in his pyjamas, luckily Chitose also had his uniform on hand too.
“Taki, a hand here.” Taki rushed up to stand next to Chitose and held onto the uniform while Chitose moved him to change the half asleep teen. Erina and Miyuki both pulled faces and turned around while the other two dressed Jirou for the mission. The teen was slowly waking up, eyes opening blearily as he started to come around, though then Yuushi was giving him a few pats on the cheek to try and quicken the process.
“Jirou, remember the mission I told you about?” Yuushi’s lips curved into a smile as Jirou yawned then nodded, brightening up a little as he started to realise what he was being forced to get ready for.
“Yes, now.” Yuushi chuckled softly as the blond actually started to get ready then, sighing as he grabbed the keys for the black 458 Italia Ferrari, leaving the other sets of keys on the side. He swung them around his index finger a few times, glancing between everyone. “We’ll take two of the cars.” He held his hand up. “Erina, Miyuki, and Chitose, come with Kenya and I,” he paused, “Taki, Jirou and Hiyoshi, take the other car. We’ll meet up the destination.”
Taki grabbed the set of keys for the white Cayman R Porche and clutched them in his hand. “I’ll drive.” Hiyoshi rolled his eyes and yanked on his own dagger, grabbing a pair of nunchucks and hooking those to his belt.
“Are we all clear of what the mission is?” Yuushi paused by the door to the garage before he clicked the door open, nodding back when everyone agreed.
Show time.
The engine roared to life as Kenya put his foot down on the accelerator and swiftly drove out of the garage. Dust kicked up behind the car as he drifted around the corner, and both Miyuki and Erina snapped at him for being so careless. Chitose was much more used to it though and just relaxed in his seat, obviously not caring at all that the youngest male in the car was possibly leading them to their deaths. Even Yuushi, who was someone who never showed emotions to anyone (except Kenya, really), was cringing at the speed Kenya was clocking.
Taki wasn’t exactly doing that badly either, considering he was almost keeping up with the blond.


As soon as they made it to the meeting point Kenya shut off the car and stepped outside, both Erina and Miyuki gave him a slap for speeding, making him cringe and rub his cheek. He was even pouting as the skin stung, especially as he was the one going into enemy territory. Jirou, Taki and Yuushi would be backing him up from the outside, as well as Chitose keeping updates between them both. Actually, now they were there, Kenya swallowed as he glanced over the wire fence. “Taki?” Taki nodded and with a blink all the cameras within the facility were offline. Or at least locked away from the enemy.
“Here is your destination.” Taki whipped out a map and pressed it against the bonnet of the car, pointing out a room in the far corner. “You’re likely to run into trouble in the way, but as long as you keep running you should be in and out in seconds, got it?” Kenya nodded and started to stretch. Yuushi, behind him, licked his lips and tilted his head a little to watch as Kenya’s muscles strained. Mmm. He was just lucky everyone missed that really, his facial expression probably gave him away for a split second before it snapped into place.
Kenya’s arms stretched up then and he glanced towards Chitose. “You’re going to keep track on my directions, right?”
“As quick as I can.” Chitose smiled, slightly amused. “You are a little too quick to keep up with.”
“I can make it easier for you if you get into a spot of bother though.” Jirou leaned against the car. “Though it’ll take a minute or so to kick in, and I’ll only be able to do it when Chitose has read your mind and sent me a nice image of the area. It’ll be limited, but it’ll be something.”
“And we’ll rush in to save you if needed.” Erina spoke for herself, Miyuki and Hiyoshi there.
“Be careful, Kenya.” Yuushi’s eyes weren’t perverse this time as he stared at his younger cousin at least, finally serious, for the mission. “I’d rather not have to use my ability if I can get away with it. I rather like your head in the condition it’s in, after all.”
Kenya stuck his tongue out at him then and hopped on the spot twice. “The far room, right?”
“Right.” Taki repeated. “Tell me when you’re ready, and I’ll disable all the locks.”
Kenya nodded and bent forward a little, taking a few slow deep breaths. “Let’s do this.”
“Good luck.” Taki blinked again and with a hand pressing against the wire fence… Kenya dashed off. All that was left was specs of dirt and sand in the air as he just disappeared. They all held their breaths, watching the main door – at least except for Chitose who shut his eyes and tried to keep locked in Kenya’s mind to follow him through.
“He got it.”
“That was quick… tell him to get out-”
Chitose let out a faint noise then though and his eyes went wide. “Yuushi, get in now.”
Yuushi instantly turned to look from the door to Chitose, “where?” In a flash he saw where to aim himself for, searching for Kenya amongst all the people there, though when he did… he actually fell down for a moment and gripped his head as all he could hear was Kenya screaming and what made him feel even worse was that he was calling for him. “Chitose what…”
“They got there too quick, I don’t know…” For once, the usually calm and lazy teen was a little panicked actually. Especially as Kenya was …far too happy and innocent for what was going on. Actually, he looked kind of sick.
That’s when it clicked to Taki after he felt around with all the electronics in the building. His heart stopped for a moment. “They had a spare energy source, the power came back on-”
“Nevermind that now, Jirou stop them-”
Chitose gripped his head this time and let his other hand go to his mouth for a moment, he could feel Kenya struggling as he was pinned down and his arm was broken, leather and leg cut open far too deeply for what they needed as the enemy tried to work out where he’d taken their prize. Well, prize was putting it lightly, the thing they had… was a poison. They weren’t to be trusted with it… but if they used that on Kenya.
“Jirou, quick.” Chitose shared the image and room out, everything he’d seen.
“Erina, Miyuki, Hiyoshi. Get inside. Get him out.” It was Yuushi who spoke this time though; eyes open but clearly not completely there as he stayed with Kenya.
He could hear Kenya’s frantic ‘Stay with me, stay with me’ and mentally he was trying to soothe him, but there was only so much he could do when Kenya’s arm was being twisted and snapped in probably several places and blood was soaking up his uniform and the carpet on the floor. At least then time did stop, in that room. Yuushi took a long deep breath as he kept talking to Kenya, telling him that it’d be okay, they were on their way. Erina and Miyuki jumped up onto the roof the building, Hiyoshi running through the main entrance. This time Taki double checked the electronics, making sure everything was off except the safety lights.
It was going to take much longer for them to get through than it did Kenya though, Kenya did run at the speed of sound, after all.
“I’ll follow them, stay with Kenya.” Yuushi nodded and let his body fall to the floor for a moment, swallowing hard as he shut his eyes and tried to ignore the feelings of pain in his arm and leg – right where Kenya’s wounds were. At least though, Kenya was stuck numb with the rest of the people in that room thanks to Jirou’s time manipulation. Erina and Miyuki could sort out whoever had done this to him when they got there though, and Hiyoshi would definitely not be stopped or injured before he got to Kenya. It was just that it was wearing thin on Yuushi’s amazing patience, knowing Kenya was in pain and he couldn’t do anything to help. He couldn’t stay with him and run to him, so he was stuck waiting.
Chitose let out a breath of relief finally, which told him that probably Erina and Miyuki had made it inside. “They’ve got to him.”
“They’ve got to get out yet, don’t relax.” Yuushi’s voice was sterner than normal and he forced himself to stand back up, even as the pain in his skin resurfaced as he felt time return as Hiyoshi, Erina and Miyuki got out through the roof. Erina electrified the entire place as they dropped down to the floor, Kenya still scrambling to try and get away as it didn’t click he was in safe hands now. Luckily, Hiyoshi held him tight, Miyuki trying to keep him steady in any way she could. The place went up in flames.
As soon as Kenya was in sight Yuushi was rushing forward, instantly trying to calm him down.
“Kenya… Kenya listen-” his voice cracked as Kenya’s eyes blinked open, full of water, obviously showing he’d been crying throughout the entire thing. Both Yuushi and Chitose had heard the screaming but… “Come here, I’ve got you.” Yuushi held his arms out, letting Hiyoshi hand him over. He instantly pulled Kenya tight to himself, letting Kenya hide his face in his neck as he headed back to the cars. “Erina, Miyuki come with me, Erina drive.” Yuushi swallowed as he tried to stop Kenya from trembling so much, but it was difficult until they could get to the medical centre. “The rest of you get in the car behind us. As fast as you can, understand?” Miyuki got the door for Yuushi then, letting him take the back with Kenya.
Yuushi strapped them both in with the same seat belt and immediately started leaving kisses over Kenya’s face, ignoring the side glance Erina gave them before she put her foot down on the accelerator. “Yuu…” Kenya’s voice was quiet as he talked, tipping his head to talk directly into his ear. “Pouch… still got it.” Yuushi smiled faintly at that, sadly even as he leaned to kiss Kenya’s chin then jaw, nuzzling him a little.
“You’ve done wonderfully, Kenya, just rest, alright?”
“Mmm…” Kenya sniffled faintly then and huddled into Yuushi. He was still shaking, that was to be expected when he’d just been tortured. Shock and everything. Yuushi’s fingers slid up to thread through Kenya’s hair, rubbing his scalp a little, nice and gently. Kenya seemed to settle a little at that, shaking a little less as he just slumped into Yuushi.
“We’re going to be home soon, and I’ll get you to the med centre, alright?” Yuushi kept murmuring in Kenya’s ear, nice and softly to keep him calm. Kenya nodded and Yuushi felt the tears drip onto his neck where it slid down under the leather. He swallowed and curled his arm up around Kenya’s shoulder, nudging his nose against Kenya’s jaw as he breathed him in.
“Stay with me?” Kenya sniffled again when he talked, more tears dripping onto Yuushi’s skin as he tried to keep himself in check. He was getting dizzy now from blood loss too, never a good sign.
“Always, Kenya. Always. Just stay awake, alright?”
The car doors were opened then as they were finally back in safe hands, Yuushi pulled Kenya up and out with him, holding onto him tightly. Kenya’s uninjured arm hooked around his neck, the other stayed cradled against his chest. He hissed softly as his leg shifted, whimpering in pain after but Yuushi kept him calm now with soft words and kisses of affection, everything was still a rush though, especially when Yuushi wanted nothing more than Kenya to be looked after properly.
“I’ll do the report.” Erina rushed over to smooth back Kenya’s hair as soon as the car was locked up. She held onto the keys tightly as she looked between them as well, guessing but not sure if what she was seeing was right.
“His pouch, Erina.” Yuushi’s voice was unstable for a moment as he shifted Kenya slightly and the younger teen cried out in agony for a second. “Sorry, sssh, it’s alright.” Yuushi’s stomach twisted and he leaned to nuzzle the injured blond, trying to help in the only way he knew how to. “Take it.”
Erina hooked her arms around to unclip the belt and slide it off, only letting out a breath when it was safe in her hands. “I’ll go straight to the office. Chitose…” She trailed off, immediately looking towards the tall teen as he stepped out of the car. “Come with me, you’ll need to… explain.” She nodded her head towards Kenya, but Yuushi was already heading in the direction of the medical centre, Miyuki bringing up the front to open doors for him on the way.
They were home now, so they were all safe. They didn’t have to worry anymore, especially when the medical staff put Kenya on a bed and immediately started assessing the damage, getting a fresh blood supply instantly. Miyuki hopped out of the room after making sure they’d been fine, leaving Yuushi alone in the corner as Kenya yelled out every time a nurse or surgeon adjusted his injured limbs. It made even his mask shatter for a short moment every time it happened. Just because he wanted to be near him, hold his hand and help him through it.
The peace didn’t exactly last though as the doors slammed open with Shiraishi coming through them a moment later, Chitose bringing up the rear.
“Shiraishi I-” Yuushi’s eyes widened as soon as the other teen’s hand connected with his face, leaving a nice clean palm print.
“Why didn’t you protect him?” Chitose, luckily, grabbed his arm when he went to do it again but it wasn’t needed as Shiraishi’s eyes finally landed on his best friend. During the interruption Kenya had been knocked out to deal with his injuries, just to make it easier for the medical staff.
“It happened too quickly, none of us could react fast enough.” Chitose sighed and pulled Shiraishi tight against himself, the smaller teens back resting against his chest. “We did everything we could.”
“Does Hikaru know?” Shiraishi peeked up at Chitose then, who kept his eyes firmly on Kenya.
“Does he need to yet?” Yuushi was the one who answered for him, and while his voice didn’t sound jealous of the question, it implied he had a less than favourable opinion of the boy.
Yuushi.” Shiraishi’s voice was a little stern. “Senri, tell him to come down, he’ll want to know.”
Even if he told him right then it still took a while for Hikaru to show up, and even when he did he didn’t looked as worried that Kenya was injured. Actually, he didn’t look worried at all, just really kind of… bored.
“We told you to hurry.” Shiraishi pulled away from Chitose as soon as the younger teen was in sight. By now Kenya’s leg was all patched up and his arm was getting prepared for a cast; or rather, his forearm and wrist to be more specific.
“So? He said it was just a broken arm. Most of us have had one of those. He isn’t dying, senpai.”
Yuushi’s eyes narrowed for a split second before his lips twitched, forcing himself to smirk. “And yet you still prefer him to me, fancy that.” Shiraishi twitched in annoyance, but didn’t comment on it, especially as his attention was focused on Hikaru.
“That’s all you have to say?”
Hikaru shrugged and tilted his body to peek at Kenya. “Did he end up crying, then? Is that it?” Shiraishi actually tried to move to slap him then. His best friend was in agony and he hadn’t been there to help him, that’s what it all came down to. In fact, Hikaru picked right up on that. “And you weren’t there to protect him, right, senp--?”
“Hikaru.” Yuushi’s drawl was sharper than usual, almost deadly as he was forced to stop still, mouth frozen in place – partly open. “I think we’ve heard enough, don’t you?” Yuushi’s eyes faded a little considering he was half possessing the other teen to make him shut up without extraordinary effort. “The doctor gave his report, yes, though a broken arm was not the only injury Kenya sustained. Had we been further away, he would have bled out.” Both his and Kenya’s parents had been doctors, he understood the descriptions the doctor gave much better than Chitose did. “He won’t be able to walk or run for a little while, in case the stitches break.”
He actually stepped closer then, keeping the other teen frozen on the spot as his hand reached up to grip his chin. His eyes were actually furious, too, so much for ‘sealing off his heart’. “You weren’t there either, were you? You didn’t see it.” He shoved him back into the wall, ignoring Shiraishi trying to tell him that was enough. At least this time Chitose just put his finger over Shiraishi’s lips to stop him.
The control stopped on Hikaru then, letting him come back to his senses.
“It doesn’t change the fact that he knew what he signed up for.” Hikaru rubbed his back a little, glaring back at Yuushi now he had freedom of speech again. “He should know you can’t be a cry baby when working for the team. Honestly? If he’s that broken over it, he should just quit already.” Hikaru shoved past him, fully intending to leave now.
“Kenya signed up to protect people.” Yuushi turned to watch the younger teen head for the doors. “Regardless of what happens to him. It doesn’t mean he isn’t allowed to feel pain.”
The doors slammed shut behind Hikaru and Yuushi actually grinded his teeth together, at least until he looked back over at Kenya’s bed to find the other teen awake and staring at where he was stood, hazel eyes open wide and obviously a little hurt about what his so-called ‘friend’ had said. Yuushi swallowed and started towards him instantly, gathering from the look on his cousin’s face that he’d witnessed at least most of that.
“Kenya…” Kenya just shook his head though and reached out with his good hand rather weakly, wanting to hold hands. “I didn’t realise you were awake.” Yuushi sighed and brushed hair away from Kenya’s forehead where he leaned down to kiss the skin. “How are you feeling?”
“Like I was hit by a train.” Kenya’s voice was scratchy, so Yuushi reached out to grab the glass of water on the side, holding it to his lips so he could drink. His eyes lowered then, slowly closing as he tried to work out what to say next. “Do you… think he meant that?”
Yuushi gently squeezed his hand. “I don’t think you want to know my opinion of him right now, Kenya.”
“Aha… maybe not, I guess.” Kenya gave him a weak smile and tipped his head a little, looking back up at him. His eyes were a little glassy, obviously from the drugs, and his voice was a little off but… he’d made it. That was the most important part. “I’m not… going to be permanently…?”
“No.” Yuushi was actually honest there as he gave Kenya a tiny smile, out of sight of Chitose and Shiraishi who kept nervously peeking around the corner. More Shiraishi than Chitose, obviously. “It will just take a while to heal.” Kenya sighed in relief and shut his eyes again.
“You will be.” Yuushi let his hand reach out to touch Kenya’s face, fingertips grazing skin. “Sleep, I’ll stay with you.”
“Always, right?”
Yuushi chuckled. “Always, yes. Don’t rub it in too much, or you might make me regret saying that.” He leaned forward, lips pressing against Kenya’s briefly. “Sweet dreams, Kenya.”

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