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[Fic] Yuushi/Kenya/Hikaru

Title: Realisation
Characters: Oshitari Kenya, Oshitari Yuushi , Zaizen Hikaru
Prompt: 099 - Middle
Summary: X-men setting. After Kenya's injuries Yuushi plans a nice session for Kenya and even includes Hikaru. He does have other things in mind too though.
Word Count: 5,228
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: 3some + Oshitaricest - don't like, don't read C:

It had been a month since the mission Kenya had been sent on and had incurred the wounds he’d been stuck with. As much as it had killed him to stay still he’d managed it, and while his wrist and forearm was still in a cast, his leg had completely healed up. In fact, Kenya was rather excited as Yuushi had promised that they could have a movie night so he’d bought popcorn and soda. He’d even made sure he had extra pillows and snugly blankets and plushies on the bed. Of course, he had no idea that his cousin had… other ideas in mind.


Nor did he know they were going to have another guest.


Yuushi came by first, knocking in the door a few times and waiting until Kenya took the two steps to the door, opening it up when he reached it. “Hey.” The smile on Kenya’s face lit up the room, enough that Yuushi couldn’t help but smile back at him. He couldn’t stop himself from nudging Kenya back into the room and kissing him, either.


“Kenya,” Yuushi’s lips hovered over his cousin’s as he pulled the door shut with one hand, the other cupping Kenya’s face. “How’s the arm?”


“U-uh… well. It’s not healed yet, but it’s getting there…” Kenya blinked, flushing up a nice pale pink colour when Yuushi smiled even more at that, melting his tummy a little. Aww. “Y-Yuushi?”


“Sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, Kenya, but we won’t be watching the films tonight. It will probably be tomorrow morning, actually.” Yuushi’s hand shifted to cup Kenya’s jaw with both hands as he kissed him again; wiping away the confused look Kenya gave him. Kenya’s arms flailed at first, before his broken one was slung over Yuushi’s shoulder, the other curling up into his hair.


“Mngh, Yuushi…w…”


“Sssh… Kenya.” Yuushi chuckled as his hands slid down enough so his mouth could leave small kisses on his neck. “I have a surprise for you that should be arriving shortly. So let’s not get too carried away, hmm?” Yuushi’s teeth dug down into the skin at the juncture of neck and shoulder, even drawing blood to the surface. Kenya’s knees buckled, leaving Yuushi to catch him and pull him close as he sucked and licked at the same spot, bruising the skin.


“Nngh… surprise… what?!”


“Didn’t I say ‘sssh’?” Yuushi chuckled warmly against his neck, giving the skin one last lap before he pulled away. A knock sounded on the door, and instead of letting Kenya answer… Yuushi did instead.


“Eh?” Kenya blinked a few times when Yuushi stepped aside to let Hikaru in, eyes going wide as the younger teen walked by him looking as bored as ever. “Wha…?”


“Ah, Hikaru. Glad you could make it.” Yuushi’s tone of voice was utterly fake as he shut and locked the door behind them, but he wasn’t making a move yet. “Do you remember the rules I told you?”


“Sure.” Hikaru shrugged and played with his ear for a moment, deadpanning as he stared back at the older Oshitari cousin.


“And you know what I’ll do if you don’t follow those rules, right?” Yuushi came up behind Kenya who’d turned to look between them, amused as the blond squirmed against him.


“I know,” Hikaru’s eye twitched in annoyance, hating Yuushi’s power right then.


“What’s going o-?” Kenya squeaked suddenly when Yuushi’s hand slid up over his shirt to pinch a nipple through the material, making him fall back into him instantly.


He,” Hikaru nodded his head towards Yuushi, “arranged this for you.” His hand reached out to slide his finger over Kenya’s lip. “I suppose I owe you a favour anyway, for upsetting you or whatever.”


“E…eh?!” Poor Kenya wasn’t really getting it at all, but who could blame him when Yuushi’s hands were sliding up under his shirt while Hikaru’s fingers were pressing into his mouth, pushing his tongue down so he couldn’t keep speaking.


“So be quiet and enjoy, he means, Kenya.” Yuushi murmured it into his ear before he licked along the shell of it.


“Mmmgh…” Kenya squirmed and let his eyes widen even more; unsure of what was going on. Didn’t Yuushi and Hikaru hate each other? Kenya tried to twist his face to look back at Yuushi, just to ask why he’d planned something like … well this. He was stopped when Hikaru pulled his fingers from Kenya’s mouth, only to grip his jaw and pull him into a kiss. A very, very hot kiss. A kiss that had Kenya’s knees buckle slightly and made his breath quicken in a way that Yuushi had to hold him steady. Yuushi also had to bite back the huge twitch of jealousy that surged through him at the way Kenya seemed to melt for someone who wasn’t him. He had to remind himself that this was for Kenya, so it was perfectly fine.


Especially fine when Kenya didn’t forget about him either and let his uninjured hand slide up to tangle in Yuushi’s hair to pull him closer. Yuushi chuckled softly and bit down on Kenya’s ear, sucking on the lobe. Hikaru’s mouth pulled away from Kenya’s then, to move to the opposite side of Kenya’s face. His mouth pressed against the blonde’s neck before teeth dug into skin. Kenya’s body jerked and he gasped out, especially when Yuushi did the same on the other side – both actually biting down until blood surfaced.


Kenya arched as his broken arm was flung up over Hikaru’s shoulder, needing a way to stay safely upright as pleasure zinged up and down his spine. “A-ah!” At least now he wasn’t looking at them both as if they’d grown extra heads or something? He was being distracted nicely enough, what with two pairs of hands sliding over his skin and two mouths latching onto the back of his neck and his collarbone now. Kenya’s head dipped downward when Yuushi bit down where his spine ended, toes digging into the carpet. Hikaru’s teeth dragged over his skin before his tongue swiped up over the red marks he’d left. There was no way Kenya was going to keep upright with all that going on.


Yuushi had to hold him tighter to himself, supporting the younger teen tight yet still gently enough. Then again, he wasn’t helping when his fingers slid up a little to tweak at Kenya’s nipples as well, smirking against his skin when Kenya moaned aloud. The moan was cut off when Hikaru’s mouth connected with Kenya’s again, eyes wide open as he looked back at Yuushi as he did it. This time, however, it wasn’t meant as a ‘ha I got to kiss him in front of you!’ thing, it was to ask whether they should move so Kenya didn’t need to rely on them to stay upright. His answer was Yuushi’s eyes drifting to Kenya’s bed, though at the sight of all the squishy pillows and such on there, Yuushi couldn’t stop a tiny warm smile crossing his lips. Aww, Kenya had set it all up for them, hadn’t he?


“Hikaru,” Yuushi drawled softly. “Hold onto him for a moment.” He pried Kenya’s hand from his hair and leaned to kiss his cheek for a moment before he headed towards the bed. It needed quite a bit pulling off, but to make it easier he just grabbed the covers and shook everything onto the floor. While he had the chance to, he dropped a tube of lube onto the bed, hiding it underneath the pillows. He slipped two other things under there too, making sure only Hikaru could actually see – if even he caught it.


Luckily, Hikaru seemed to get the hint as while kissing Kenya he pulled him towards the bed. He was unable to hold back a chuckle of his own when Kenya almost tripped up though, his own arms catching him before Yuushi’s wrapped around Kenya as well.


Yuushi didn’t stop there though, as his fingers started to drag Kenya’s shirt up and off, fingertips grazing over his abdomen on the way. He dropped the material to the floor and pressed a kiss against Kenya’s shoulder, letting his eyes slide back to Hikaru’s face. Hikaru was staring back at him though; an eyebrow had been raised in question. When Yuushi’s hand reached out to tug up the edge of Hikaru’s shirt though, he got the message and tugged his own off. Kenya’s eyes slid to watch the exchange, smiling just a little because they seemed to be getting along a little better now. Though maybe that was his imagination? It might have been – Yuushi was licking a nice wet trail down his back making him arch and pant faintly.


There was a rustle then a thump as Hikaru’s shirt hit the floor next. With a smirk, the youngest teen reached out for Kenya’s belt loop to tug him closer. He used his other hand to slide it into Yuushi’s hair – and after making sure Kenya was watching – he yanked Yuushi into a kiss this time. Yuushi was a little surprised by the action, considering neither of them liked the other, but then he heard the soft little whimper Kenya made and suddenly understood. His lips twitched as he pressed closer, mushing Kenya between them, so both of them could feel the shiver that ran through Kenya. Delicious.


The kiss was rather hot too. Tongues meeting mid air as Hikaru actually reached around Kenya to unbutton Yuushi’s shirt for him, nudging it over his shoulders once it was undone. It fell to the floor then, landing right behind him. Yuushi paid it no mind though. The kiss broke slowly and both pairs of eyes turned to look at Kenya then. The blonde had his teeth digging into his lower lip, obviously having watched the entire thing. While Hikaru only smirked as he glanced back at Yuushi, the other teen actually chuckled darkly at the effect it seemed to have had on Kenya. He licked a trail up Kenya’s neck, eyes lidding as he leaned to speak into his ear. “Enjoy that?” His bedroom voice was in full swing too, as Kenya’s legs actually gave out on him with a sharp gasp. Poor dear.


It didn’t stop there. As Yuushi’s hands slid around Kenya to hold him up, his fingers moved to his track pants to nudge them down. Hikaru helped out too, giving the material a sharp tug so it fell around Kenya’s ankles. He kneeled down, pulling one leg up at a time to slide the material off. While Hikaru dealt with his track pants, Kenya reached out with his uninjured arm to pull Yuushi into a kiss. It was awkward because of the angle, but he didn’t seem to care at all. Actually, the kiss was feverish until Yuushi took control of it. Hikaru glanced up to watch them once Kenya was left only in his underwear, already straining against the material.


“Do we take it all off?” Hikaru slid a hand up over Kenya’s leg, eyes lidding at the feeling of the amazing muscles shifting underneath. It was a wonder that with legs like Kenya’s that he was so balance challenged really. Yuushi didn’t answer Hikaru with any words; he just let his hand slide down Kenya’s skin to hook his thumb under the waistband of Kenya’s underwear and gave it a slight tug. Hikaru got the hint, of course, and immediately reached up to pull those down too. It left Kenya extremely, deliciously, naked. Mm. Hikaru’s lips twitched once Kenya’s legs had been manipulated to pull that material off and without a second thought he reached out to grasp his cock and give it one sure stroke.


“Mngh-!” Kenya’s hips twitched and the hand grabbing onto Yuushi clutched harder, needing some grounding for a moment. Yuushi pulled his mouth away with a soft ‘tsk’ and swatted at Hikaru’s hands.


“Kenya,” he drawled as he pulled Hikaru to stand up again. “Unfasten Hikaru’s jeans for me.” The last part dropped to a whisper so Hikaru wouldn’t hear it, but it was enough to make Kenya shiver again. Kenya’s ear tingled where breath had ghosted over the skin and shakily he reached out to unfasten the button on the denim. There was a clink of metal behind him too as Yuushi unfastened his own belt and then his trousers. Hikaru kicked his off first, amused when Kenya flushed up when Hikaru had not bothered with underwear again. He was starting to wonder if the kid even had any.


Hikaru reached out to help Yuushi next. His fingers tugged the zip down to his trousers then he tugged the material down along with his underwear. All in one swift movement.


“How do we want him?” Yuushi kicked the material over his feet as Hikaru asked that question. He was rather glad the younger teen seemed to understand his position there though, as with a smirk he let go of Kenya to reach for his uninjured arm and tugged him towards the bed.


“Come along.” He sat on the bed first, leaning back against the pillows and headboard. He knew where the things were under there, after all, so it only made sense. He did sit on his legs though, even if it was likely to make them cramp by the time they were done. He pulled Kenya into a kiss at first and patted the bed next to him for Hikaru to sit down, his eyes sliding to watch and make sure he did as he was told. Hikaru did, but he rolled his eyes as he did so.


A small happy little purr slipped out of Kenya’s mouth as Yuushi lapped at the inside of his mouth. It was replaced with a squeak when he was suddenly flipped over though, eyes going wide as his back was suddenly pulled tight against Yuushi’s chest.


“Like this?” Hikaru’s eyes slid over Kenya’s body, a sharp smirk forming when Yuushi’s hands slid to Kenya’s thighs and opened them widely.


“I think so, don’t you?” Yuushi’s hands pressed harder, making Kenya have to bend his legs a little to keep them in place. His hands slid lower until they passed by Kenya’s cock to let one finger slide over his entrance, rubbing the orifice gently. “You can use your mouth and hands anywhere.” Yuushi added, voice going soft. “Don’t try for anything more until I say so, hmm?” Kenya twitched against him, toes digging into the sheets as his head tipped back against Yuushi’s shoulder. “First…” Yuushi’s hand slipped under the pillow to pull out a cock ring. He held it out to Hikaru, eyes lidding a little. “Put this on Kenya for me.” He paused for a moment. “Gently.”


Kenya tried to wiggle back and away from it, teeth digging into his lip. “Y-You’ve got to be kidd—ah!” His eyes snapped shut when the device was slid down over his cock and tightened just a little. Hikaru had done as he was told though, so Kenya didn’t feel an ounce of pain when the pressure started to build up in his cock. All the teasing from before had gotten him hard, but that didn’t mean they were going to slacken off at all. They had to use something in case Kenya wanted to explode a little too early.


“I’m sure you’ll deal senpai.” Hikaru licked his lips and leaned up again. His hand pressed against the headboard and he pulled Yuushi into another kiss. At the same time his knee nudged forward to press against Kenya’s cock, applying pressure there and rubbing the organ. Kenya arched and twisted a little, eyes squeezing shut as his breath shook. It didn’t help that he could both hear and see Yuushi and Hikaru kissing just like before. It was hot, even if Kenya knew he was supposed to feel sparks of jealousy. Then again, it was hard to do that when Yuushi’s hands were teasing his nipples with soft touches and harsh tugs that made him shudder and whine. Not to mention Hikaru’s knee that was pretty much grinding into him.


Luckily, when the kiss ended, Hikaru stopped that. Unluckily, for Kenya, it just meant his hand was teasing his arousal instead as Hikaru’s tongue licked up sweat from his skin. Kenya’s jaw tensed as pleasure seemed to hum along his skin and inside his bones. It was just everywhere. His eyes fluttered shut and he didn’t even bother to fight it anymore, just moaned and twisted when it all became too much. Yuushi was leaving soft kisses on his ear and neck, but his eyes were watching Hikaru to make sure he didn’t try to push too far.


He was playing along with it though.


A small proud smile fell across Yuushi’s lips, and he had to hope that by the end of the night he’d realise how much of an ass he’d been to Kenya before. No one rough played with his cousin and got away with it, Hikaru was going to find that out the hard way.


At the moment, Hikaru’s mouth slid down along Kenya’s chest. He licked patches of skin with sweat on the surface. He bit down on any skin that wasn’t coated with the sheen. It was just enough to mark, but not enough to be permanent. In fact, the red marks were slowly fading as he made his way down. Kenya’s legs bent even more when Hikaru’s mouth moved to his thigh, lips tracing the shift of muscles as Kenya squirmed. He bit down again then, sucking on the skin hard enough to rip out a soft ‘ha-!‘ from Kenya. Kenya’s legs widened on instinct. It made even Yuushi chuckle to see how eager he seemed to hurry things up.


“Ah, ah, Kenya,” Yuushi drawled against his shoulder. “We have all night.”


A frustrated growl was Yuushi’s reply as poor Kenya tried to buck against Hikaru’s mouth and hands, into Yuushi’s hands too as they slipped down to play with his balls, teasing the sensitive skin enough that Kenya was almost left with tears of frustration. His eyes did water up a little, but he wasn’t about to give in that quickly yet. Hikaru smirked against his thigh, and the fingers teasing his cock slid up until his hand wrapped around the head of his cock, thumb sliding over the tip. He pressed his thumb in gently, smirking even more when a shout was ripped out from Kenya’s lips.


Yuushi smirked back at him too, especially considering the more Kenya squirmed, the more he rubbed up against his own cock. It was a win/win situation for him.


Slowly, Yuushi pulled one hand back to slide it up along Kenya’s chest, along his collar bone and neck until he could slide a finger into Kenya’s mouth. His own mouth pressed against Kenya’s ear to talk to him, ghosting breath over the skin to tease. “Suck.” Kenya’s mouth bit down on Yuushi’s finger at first, to tell him he wasn’t happy with how slow they were being. He did do as he was told after that though, sliding his tongue over the digit to make it nice and wet. It was released with a soft pop, the skin glistening with saliva as Yuushi lowered it to press against Kenya’s entrance and wiggle just the first two knuckles in.


Hikaru paused in what he was doing to look up at Yuushi, asking if he should continue, and was met with Yuushi licking up along Kenya’s neck and biting down hard. Hikaru swallowed down a moan of his own at how flushed and sweaty Kenya looked. Even Yuushi looked a little ruffled now Kenya was rubbing up against him. His injured arm was flopped against his side, but the one that wasn’t was gripping the covers so tightly it had turned white. Hikaru’s eyes hazed a little more as his hand gripped Kenya tighter, making the teen jerk up against Yuushi even harder. It was enough for a small moan to slip out of Yuushi’s lips this time. Yuushi sent Hikaru a tiny glare for that and was met with a rather cocky smirk in return.


“Kenya.” Yuushi drawled softly, voice all deep and husky from arousal. Even that made Kenya twitch as he kept rocking his hips, using his legs to move. Yuushi’s eyes lidded as he curved his finger a little, pressing up to rub it against Kenya’s prostate. Kenya arched and thrashed. His arms flailed as he tried to remember how to breathe. It actually made Hikaru feel a little envious this time, as even when he’d made Kenya lose his mind before it wasn’t quite to that degree. So yes, he was starting to learn his lesson. “I think Hikaru needs a little attention, don’t you?”


Yuushi’s eyes slid back to Hikaru’s and the hand that wasn’t wiggling a finger in and out of Kenya’s entrance reached out to nudge Hikaru. “Sit up. Both of you.” He let his finger slide out of Kenya and shifted them so Hikaru was on his knees with Kenya propped up a little. He was still against Yuushi, but it was enough so Yuushi could slide his fingers into him as well. Not yet, mind you, but soon. “Kenya, dear,” Yuushi kissed down the teen in question’s back. “Suck Hikaru.” Kenya peeked back at him uncertainly, but Yuushi nodded to say it was okay. “Be careful to not bite down too.” He chuckled. “While it might be tempting to stop yourself from making noise, I doubt Hikaru would appreciate it.” Hikaru’s glare sent his way proved that, actually.


Yuushi reached under the pillow again then, for the lube he’d hidden there earlier. Kenya was busying himself with licking Hikaru’s cock at first, his uninjured hand holding it steady as he licked the underside then let his tongue press against the head. He understood what Yuushi meant though, when a finger was pressed into him again. Only this time it was with less friction thanks to all the warm, heated liquid on his cousin’s finger. He was using the heated lube again, and that alone made Kenya’s eyes squeeze shut. His hand dropped to the bed as he took Hikaru into his mouth for real, needing to keep himself steady. Yuushi’s other hand gripped his hip hard enough to bruise, but it was just as much so he wouldn’t topple over as it was to keep him in place.


It was understandable, really, as Kenya’s hips twitched every time Yuushi thrust his finger inside him. Every time Yuushi’s finger curved to rub against that spot that made the pressure on his cock that much more difficult to deal with. Kenya hummed and moaned around Hikaru’s cock too, bobbing his head with the movements of his own body. He sucked harder, eyes rolling into the back of his head as he struggled to deal with all the pressure. Hikaru was gripping at Kenya’s hair too, but it was at the ends and he wasn’t forcing the other teen to do anything. He knew the consequences of that. He didn’t want Yuushi possessing him when Kenya was doing such marvellous things with his mouth.


Actually, by the time Yuushi had wiggle two and then three fingers into Kenya’s body, Hikaru was curling in on himself to try and stop himself from coming. Yuushi didn’t take his eyes off them, watching with an evil little smirk. His fingers thrust into Kenya harder, making him literally deep throat Hikaru as he pushed forwards and backwards so harshly.


“Don’t stop, Kenya,” Yuushi drawled softly. A soft groan slipped out when Kenya clenched around his fingers, but he didn’t stop stretching him. “Milk him until he’s dry and spent, understood?” Kenya purred in response, utterly lost to all the pleasure while Hikaru was left glaring at Yuushi over the other teen. It was obvious he didn’t want to stop playing either, but Yuushi was setting out the guidelines, wasn’t he? “Good boy.” Yuushi smiled back at Hikaru and grabbed the lube again, letting his fingers slip out of Kenya. He coated himself then, stroking himself as he watched Hikaru’s cock disappear into Kenya’s mouth repeatedly.


It was with that image that Hikaru came, groaning in the back of his throat as Kenya’s throat constricted around his cock, clenching and actually doing as promised. Hikaru slumped forward, breathless and boneless in a nice post-orgasm glow. Kenya leaned back and licked his lips, wiping his mouth clean after. “Yuushi?” He asked, uncertainly again. His voice was raspy now too from having Hikaru’s cock bump the back of his throat, but Yuushi didn’t actually reply with words. His arm wrapped around Kenya’s waist and he pulled him back onto his lap, guiding him back onto his cock so Kenya was nicely filled. Hikaru would get to see it happen too, as Yuushi opened Kenya’s legs wide again so it was all on display. Kenya groaned and bit down on his lip, eyes hazing over even more.


His cock was pulsing, wanting to be freed and touched, but Yuushi wouldn’t have that yet. Not if Kenya knew what he could be like. He teased in nicer ways than Hikaru, played with Kenya’s impatience rather than with fire.


“Hikaru, lie down on the bed and spread your legs.” Yuushi’s voice was a little clipped as Kenya clenched around him, wanting to move already. “And hold Kenya steady for me.”


Hikaru did it, but it was with a rather unpleasant face that he did. Kenya let his uninjured hand press into the bed as he was pushed up onto his knees, Yuushi still connected to him as he moved with him. His injured arm was bent and pressed across Hikaru’s chest. Kenya stared down at him then, eyes glazed as he tried to remember to breathe. Yuushi’s arm curled around Kenya’s waist, while the other pressed down over Kenya’s on the bed, fingers lacing together. He let his hips rock out and in, then, making Kenya’s body roll forward and back in time to the thrusts. Droplets of blood formed on Kenya’s lip as he bit down, moans still slipping out even though he tried to stop them. Yuushi altered his angle, hitting his prostate dead on over and over until Kenya’s eyes had to squeeze shut and those tears of frustration that didn’t form before did now. The dropped onto Hikaru’s skin, onto Kenya’s cast as he begged.


“Y-Yuushi please-!” His head lowered and shuddered rippled through him, so close but held back by the ring around his cock. It was agony. “Please, please, please-” He begged over and over, eyes unseeing as it was obvious he couldn’t feel anything but the thrums of pleasure then. Hikaru’s lips parted as he watched mesmerised. Instead of doing what Kenya was begging though, Yuushi pulled out completely. His own normally perfect appearance had gone out the window, too, as he reached under the pillow for the last item. The vibrator was small, but would be perfect for what he needed. It’d hit Kenya’s prostate, and once he hit the top setting Kenya would really lose it. He kissed the small of Kenya’s back as he slid the device in, careful the wire went up over his back so it wouldn’t be tangled.


“Press your legs together. Tightly.” Kenya did as he was told, shaking from need as he was, and clenched his thighs. The vibrator was started up then and his back dipped down, a loud cry making more tears drop as he wanted nothing more than to be allowed to climax. “Good boy. Good, good boy.” Yuushi murmured softly. He thrust into Kenya’s thighs then, moaning in the back of his throat at how strong that grip was even though Kenya was a needy mess. He clicked up the setting on the vibrator and slid out of Kenya’s thighs, only to keep doing it, over and over. Kenya’s skin was probably hot enough to blister, but the sweat that was soaking up Kenya’s skin was acting as a lubricant.


When he felt himself close enough to the edge, he reached down to finally unclip the cock ring, letting it fall to Hikaru’s stomach. He wrapped his hand around Kenya’s cock then, and gave a few sharp tugs that had Kenya screaming. He screamed from the first jerk, from the second and then even louder as he finally came all over Hikaru’s skin. Yuushi’s face pressed up against Kenya’s shoulder blade as he kept thrusting against Kenya’s thighs as they clenched and shuddered from the sheer madness of that climax. Yuushi groaned, almost like a growl, as he thrust harder against the skin. His own skin was damp with sweat as he came, a low moan being muffled by Kenya’s skin as he too, came all over Hikaru. His eyes stayed open, though, catching onto Hikaru’s to make sure he understood the message there.


Kenya was his and his alone.


Hikaru tilted his face back to Kenya’s as the blonde started to slump into him. Yuushi turned the vibrator off and leaned back to slide the device back out. As soon as the support was gone, Kenya toppled over onto his side. Luckily he didn’t hurt his arm any further by landing on it awkwardly. Yuushi dropped the used vibrator onto the table, along with the lube and cock ring, to be washed later then curled up on the opposite side of Kenya. The poor teen was utterly dazed and was still trying to come around.


“Should I…?” Hikaru cleared his throat, feeling like he was interrupting now.


“No need.” Yuushi reached out to pull Hikaru closer. “Just nap for now, I’m sure Kenya wouldn’t mind if you watch the movies with us later, hmm?”


“Mm…” Kenya hummed out the soft reply as he curled into them both, nuzzling sleepily. “La’er.” That soft admission made both Yuushi and Hikaru smile faintly. Kenya fell straight to sleep right after too, eyes fluttering as he went to cloud nine.


“There are tissues on the side if you want to clean up, Hikaru.” Hikaru pulled a face as he reached out for those, as it was a good idea. He already wanted to shower. “I presume you understood what that meant, mm?”


“Shut up and go to sleep already.” Hikaru’s voice had a slight bite to it as he cleaned himself up and threw the tissues in the bin, returning to his place afterwards. He draped an arm over them both, green eyes wide as he stared at Yuushi. It was obvious he understood more than Yuushi was asking about too.


He understood that while he did like Kenya in some way, it didn’t compare to the way Yuushi did. He understood that if he kept using Kenya for sexual pleasure that Yuushi was likely to make his life hell. More importantly though, he understood that he definitely was not in love with Kenya. Yuushi was. That was pretty much smacking him in the face with the way Yuushi was holding Kenya protectively. He sighed and shut his own eyes then. Sleep was a good idea, then in the morning or whatever he could work out what the hell to do to fix all of this for real.

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