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[Zodion] Fran Application

Name & DW Journal: Liah & wailmer
Birthdate & Age: 16th March 1989 & 23
Characters played in Zodion: N/A

Name: Fran
Canon: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
PB/Image: http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/7384fe389333554417bf26707b51eb7a/http://i393.photobucket.com/albums/pp20/Anna_Shirou/FranColoring_sourfree.png
Info links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reborn! / http://reborn.wikia.com/wiki/Kateky%C5%8D_Hitman_Reborn!
Canon Point: Chapter 272
Gender & Sex: Male
Age: 20 (ish, no definite age is given, but given by how young he looks in the new arc...)
Birthdate/Sign: Birthdate is unknown, but he appeared as a Sagittarius in the Horoscope special 25th Volume with Belphegor. As for the date, I’m choosing November 22nd, as he does take a few attributes from the Scorpio zodiac sign as well - especially the insulting and secretive ones.
Tattoo: Dark purple Sagittarius symbol that’s about 3cm in diameter on the small of his back.
Suitability: N/A


I’d like it if he could retain his ability to use illusions - I understand this will be capped. Fran is naturally gifted with the ability of using illusions, and has undergone training with Mukuro during the present day arc. Taking him from the ten years later arc, his power is much more controlled, but he still acts so ridiculous and nonchalant about it, it’s hard to say his absolute maximum capabilities. With a hell ring in his possession, along with the box weapon (when he isn’t struggling to open it because he wants to do a pose for it) he’s a pretty formidable opponent. For example, when Rasiel attacked him and Bel, he used a Mist illusion to do a scene from a horror movie, to make Rasiel believe they were dead, just so they could sit back and see who was stronger between Varia’s boss, Xanxus, and Rasiel. Also, it was him who helped Mukuro escape from the Vindice, deceiving those who apparently can only be fooled by three illusionists at that time. Fran’s skills are pretty hidden, but it’s obvious he’s more powerful than he lets on.


Fran is an eccentric person, this is the easiest way to compound his personality into its simplest form. While the latest arc is after the chapter I am taking him from, it is also considered his ‘past’, and is a good resemblance of what he was like when he was younger. That is, an utter idiot in some ways. While he always complains about wearing the frog hat to represent that he has replaced Mammon, he has always worn something on his head - it is just that before it was an illusion, rather than an actual hat.

And it all started as an apple of all things.

One difference in Fran’s personality from his past self, to the ten years later arc, is that he does seem to have calmed down a little. For example, when the Varia and Kokuyo groups search for him originally, he starts yelling that he’s seeing fairies as he’d lost his memories of the ten years later events by being hit in the head with a cheese block. That, is something he doesn’t do now, but it is a quirk that transfers to his use of insults left, right and centre; one thing that is for certain, is that Fran throws insults around with ease. The unusual thing about this, is that he does it with a complete deadpan expression, and while he complains about the backlash he receives for it, he still doesn’t stop provoking people either. He calls Bel a 'fake prince' for example, copying what Rasiel says because it pisses Bel off. Most of the things he says are a way of.mocking, rather than being completely insulting - it is a very blurred line between the two.

Even though he does dish so many insults out, however, he will still complain about the abuse he receives in return. Both Mukuro and Bel have been shown to stab him in the back or the back of the head for saying something about them. Despite this, he’ll mostly whine about it, rather than lash back directly - he’s pretty placid in that respect. He did say he’d ask Squalo (or rather, that long-haired idiotic captain) for permission to kill Bel for being mean to him and making him cry, but he really he just seems to deal with the pain anyway. If there is any to begin with. He does say he’s more embarrassed about how the knives look, after all.

Other than the insults, he does say some of the most ridiculous things. For example, after he and Mukuro released the illusion against the 6 funeral wreaths and before Ghost arrived, he yelled out that the rehearsal was now over. Another example of this is when he and Bel were supposed to open their box weapons against Rasiel and Olgert, while Bel opened his to start to fight, Fran couldn’t do it because he couldn’t think of a pose. In fact, he even asks Bel if he can take off the frog hat so he could lift his arms, because he’s the kind of person who needs to copy magicians and heroes who do poses before they transform or do a spell.

As shown by the paragraph above, some parts of his childishness does stick around when he’s older. This is shown when Bel releases the Storm Mink on him and he starts waving his arms telling it to ‘shoo’ and not come there. It’s a lot like the chant he does as a child to ward off the ‘fairies’ and ‘tooth decay fungi’ that he calls the Varia and Kokuyo groups. It’s not as ridiculous, but it’s a part of him that doesn’t seem to fade away. There is also the fact that when he breaks Mukuro out of the Vindice’s hold and everyone finds out it was him, he yells out ‘Yay! Now I’m a celebrity, Master!’, rather than actually taking his abilities seriously.

Additionally, a lot of the things he says don’t seem to fully cover what he thinks, which is another reason why he’s such an enigma. One example of this is his actual powers, if only because he plays it off as if he doesn’t know anything, yet he doesn’t actually struggle at all. In fact, he’s been able to use certain aspects of his powers from before he was an apprentice of Mukuro anyway. It is quite possible to compare him as a person to an illusion, in a way, because things are not what they seem on first appearance.

There are two times when Fran has been shown to cover up his and someone else’s location by using an illusion of a bloody death. He claims it’s because it has to be like a horror movie to be believable, but this is possibly not the full truth either. He doesn’t really like fighting on the front lines, so it kind of shows with how he keeps his true potential zipped up - that way, no one would need to expect too much of him. In the past (the current arc), he did take out his anger of being yelled at by Mukuro on Verde by swinging him around - but that’s as violent as he gets physically. With illusions it’s completely different.

His relationships with the Varia and with Mukuro’s group are very similar in a way. They both tend to abuse him (then again, there is the issue with him provoking them first) and not take him seriously. Mukuro, at least, seems to appreciate him a little more, if only for the fact that he’s the one who trained him to be a better illusionist, and for the fact that they are fellow illusionists. Taking the current arc into account, the closeness Mukuro has with Chikusa, Ken and M.M. is seen to transfer to Fran as well - as he does take care of him when it’s needed.

Currently, in the ten years later arc, he’s on loan to the Varia while Mukuro is locked away. His relationship to the Varia is as though they’re babysitting him, rather than him being part of the group. It doesn’t help that he acts as though he isn’t as powerful as he is, either. By saying he isn’t sure if Rasiel is an illusion or not, for example, only seems to make his ‘position’ worse. Despite this, he does call Squalo ‘Captain’ (even though there is some less-polite words tacked in front of that) and the other members ‘sempai’. It’s a mish-mash of respect and mockery all in one go. With Mammon gone, he is a vital part of the team though, whether the group likes it or not.

"Zodion" First-Person Network Entry:

[The first thing any viewer will see, is the top of Fran’s hat. It’s kind of unclear as to why that is all that is in view, but it is.]

Ehh... if idiot Bel-senpai isn’t here, does it mean I can take this off...? [The hat kind of wiggles in front of the camera for a moment, just a little, before it stops again.] But if he’s here... [There’s a sigh.] It’s a really stupid hat. I don’t want to keep wearing it...

[It’s probably not the first thing people are used to hearing by a new person, but after arriving in Zodion, it’s kind of like a breath of fresh air for this illusionist.]

I know this said that we’re in a different world, and it doesn’t feel like an illusion... but that’s just a hunch, if anyone sees an idiotic useless group, can they let me know? I’m supposed to be working for them.


"Zodionlogs" Third-Person Prose Entry:

Finding himself in a completely different place, wasn’t entirely commonplace. It had happened before, sure, especially when Fran was under Mukuro’s care as an apprentice and was learning how to develop illusions better than before.

This didn’t feel like an illusion though.

For a while he just stood there, staring towards the altar, unmoving. “What should I do?” His voice was pretty flat, as was his expression, but considering where he’d just come from... It could be dangerous. It was precisely why it took a little longer for the altar to actually draw him in enough. He didn’t feel any murderous intent coming from it - he’d felt that enough before to know when he was really in danger - but it was definitely with uncertainty that he stepped closer.

Normally, he would have used an illusion to gather the information about it, but right then he was still a bit worn out from Ghost’s appearance, as well as his abilities being capped in this world. Not like he was completely aware of that fact yet. Yet.

“Master?” A pause. “Boss?” Still nothing.

He was on his own then.

“IF THERE IS ANYTHING DANGEROUS OUT THERE, YOU CAN GO AWAY NOW!” He cupped his hands over his mouth, yelling it out, before he wiggled his arms about in the air a little as well, as if to dispel evil spirits or something. He had to grab his hat back on properly on again afterward, but at least if anything had been there, they wouldn’t see him as a threat now - surely? Nothing happened again though, nothing other than the altar compelling him to move closer yet again.

And then it happened. As soon as the brief stab of pain happened, he did try to look behind him to double check Bel wasn’t there - he did have a habit of trying to stab him - but no one was there.

When he glanced back towards the altar again, the glowing box was the thing that caught his attention. To begin with, he thought it was another equipment box containing some form of gear or animal... but then that wasn’t his main concern - the water was rising up---

There wasn’t even a pause before he started waving his hands, trying to shoo the water away. His hands reached up, moving to grip his head, only this time it reached hair instead of the giant frog hat. The stupid hat was gone now. Well... everything was, but that wasn’t the point.

While that was what he’d asked for so often, it probably bode badly for him in the long run.

Of course, that wasn’t why the mirror of truth was there, was it? The sad thing, however, was his reaction to the tattoo.

“W-water fairies--!” It was kind of hard to reach, but he let his hand slide around to his back to touch the new tattoo in place there - freaking out a little, outwardly, at least. “I TAKE IT BACK! You can have your dangerous allies back if you want!”

Really, the worrying thing was whether he had been suckered in by someone else’s illusion. It was difficult to do, but with how things had ended up back in the other world...

The only option left seemed to be to go along with it for now - which is what he did by reaching out for the now not-glowing box. Instead of just opening it, however... He paused. For a few minutes.

“...How should I open it? Like this--?” He raised one arm up - actually able to with the hat gone - raised the other up, did a stupid pose, then pulled it back down to tap the box with his fist. Unlike a box from his world, however, it didn’t open. Concerned he pulled the box up to peek at it, finding it had to be opened a normal way.

Not so magical, after all.

After finding the communicator and the letter, it still didn’t make sense. One thing was for sure though, it definitely wasn’t an illusion.

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