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feathers and silk | code for caps

FEATHERS AND SILK is a TAILOR-BOUTIQUE that specializes in traditional Japanese kimonos, yukatas, hakamas and everything in-between. On top of our collection, we also offer tailoring commissions and alteration services for all types of clothing at a reasonable price. Our shophouse is located in the Air District, next to sister-store Hanaemi.

Fai D. Fluorite (manager)
Kurogane (manager's personal slave)
Tomoyo (manager, head seamstress)
Sakura Li (tailor apprentice)
Sanada Yukimura (sales)
Ernst Rammsteiner (sales)
Kondou Isao (sales)
Syaoran Li (delivery)
Yuui Fluorite (??????)
Mitsuru Kirijo (?????)
Tailor Apprentice
Sales Assistant
Delivery Personnel
Idk anything goes

All employees are required to wear clothing that maintain the store's image.
Don't worry, we provide.

Outside and inside, the whole building stays true to its traditional design, and visitors who come by will be greeted with wooden floors and earthly-coloured walls. Fabric of different patterns and colours can be seen sitting on display on the shelves or hanging off the racks, and mannequins (or some of the staff, occasionally) sport the latest designs for the season.

Pick your flavor of kimono. Or, perhaps, a hakama for that ease of movement? Modern designs, such as lolita are available as well. And it being Zodion, don't think we've neglected to throw that sexier choice in there somewhere. If it exists, we have it, and if we don't have it, we take requests!

So you want to take something home, but don't quite know how to choose. Don't worry! Up the stairs is the staff-restricted Tailor Workshop, and the Fitting Room, where you can take your time with making that choice. Help with putting the garments on or taking proportions is provided here by all staff.

In light of recent events, plaques with the following gentle reminders now hang off the walls of this room:

While sex is permitted, please note that if you perform any sex acts in our wares, we require you to purchase them.

Offers of blow jobs are not an acceptable form of tipping.

Please be respectful of sound levels. There are people trying to live right above you. Use your inside voice when moaning your partner's name.

The third floor is locked, and appears to be a residential unit. Staff who don't already live here are welcome to spend a night or two, however; Fai's a nice guy like that. The inside of this apartment is consistent with the japanese theme, with five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a dining room, a living room and a kitchen.

Dicks have wept to bring you all this, so keep it neat and tidy, okay?