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Title: Tears
Characters: Oshitari Kenya, Oshitari Yuushi + lots of others XD
Prompt: 065 - Scream
Summary: X-men setting. A mission goes wrong leaving Kenya injured. Most people are worried about it, only Hikaru's a bit of a prick.
Word Count: 4,180
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Contains torture - only it's not that explicit. Also Oshitaricest if you don't like that, with a little Yuushi vs Hikaru rivalry-ness if you squint.

Always. )
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Title: Fire
Characters: Oshitari Kenya, Zaizen Hikaru + Shitenhouji characters, Osamu and Sakaki
Prompt: 074 - Fire
Summary: X-men setting. Zaizen is a pyromaniac, Kenya can run faster than the speed of sound, Shiraishi manipulates force fields, Chitose is a telepath, Kin-chan manipulates the weather, Koharu is a genius (okay I was lazy with him) and Yuuji obviously can mimic. They have a mission, Kenya has to run in and steal something while the others attack and gets back to the rest of them... only for things to get out of hand with Zaizen.
Word Count: 5,370
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Contains heat and wax play. / Also my font is a little messed up. Oh, well.

I want to take you in every way I can think of. )

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Title: Champagne
Characters: Oshitari Kenya, Oshitari Yuushi
Prompt: 091 - Hospital
Summary: Kenya gets slightly tipsy at a doctor's convention at the hospital, and Yuushi sneaks his dear cousin off for a quickie
Word Count: 3,885
Rating: NC-17

Come, now. Auntie was looking for you. )
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Title: Possession
Characters: Oshitari Kenya, Shiraishi Kuranosuke, Zaizen Hikaru
Prompt: 050 Affair
Summary: Shiraishi and Kenya have been dating a year when Zaizen Hikaru, the newbie, comes along to mess things up
Word Count: 3,468
Rating: NC-17

Going to get me killed )


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