wailmer: icon of Chie from P4 (P4 | Chie)
♞Knight ([personal profile] wailmer) wrote2012-03-10 01:30 am

Tick tock

What is happiness? I'm still wondering this (or perhaps have started to wonder this) after 22 years of living. In a week I turn 23. In a week, another year of my life will have ticked on by. This week a family friend, my Grandma's best friend, died. Unfortunately, instead of properly mourning this, I have half the problem of wishing this was me instead. I survive, by God do I survive. But I don't really see the point in living at all. I have neighbours from hell keeping me awake, I've texted the Police and I hope they settle down sometime soon, but you never know. It's a constant battle.

I also only have a few weeks left of classes, I finish the 30th April and thats with 3 weeks off between now and then. But I have no motivation. Nothing. I don't have counselling this week as my counsellor is away, but I need it. Trust it to be the week she's unavailable. It's not like she can give me the answer I need though.

I'm not even sure what the answer I need is.

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